The U.S. Army is crowd sourcing ideas to help soldiers:

To add an idea all you need is a Facebook or Google+ account…. this could get dangerous for trolling.

One more thing… they should probably rethink the “Co” part of their logo considering it looks dangerously close to the Adobe Creative Cloud logo:


Instantly I was like, oh that’s cool Adobe is working with the Army… then I was like no wait.

Thoughts?  Do you think anything good will come of this, or will it turn into dick jokes and inappropriate ideas very quickly?


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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A look inside:

Mexico Drug War WeaponsMaking gold 1911 grips, bejeweling  and engraving, definitely employed a few people full time in the cartels haha.  I still would like one someday just because.

I wonder if they have a section on ATF Project Gun Runner? My guess is the Army there isn’t a big fan of that operation.

You can google if you want to read more on the private museum.  I found another video of it on youtube which shows and explains a bit more.

Hat tip: Gabe


A 2006 TV Show where 9 of the gayest Scandinavian men faced the toughest challenge of their lives:

LOL this show is seriously for real.  I thought I was being trolled when Ross sent me the link.

A little taste of what Gay Army has to offer.  Shooting the M16:

Priceless… I’ve got to track this show down.


Hat tip: Ross


Plastic army men in a historical battle:

Green army squad took up a position and dug in on little desktop. As they waited for dust off of a fallen soldier, they were attacked by an entire brigade of tan army encamped by the printer. With little ammunition and heavily outnumbered, the green army fought valiantly until they could be rescued by air support.  This video is dedicated to the men who died defending little desktop.

Much lower production value than some of the other stop motion videos I’ve posted on here, but still entertaining.

Hat tip: Julian


They nuke their nests with flamethrowers of course:

Why not right?  Any opportunity to use a flamethrower is a good one in my opinion.

I wouldn’t have been the guy steadying the barrel though… probably safe enough, but that doesn’t sit well with me.


Hat tip: Kyle


Looks dangerous… I want one:

I’d hate to shoot large rifle calibers out of there.  I bet now they could make such an awesome flying platform, seeing as computer control could easily stabilize it. Talk about exposing yourself to incoming fire though haha. Basically it would be an awesome toy.


Hat tip: Arthur