Despite the success of the PMAG, Army officials from the TACOM Life Cycle Management Command issued a “safety of use message” in April that placed it, and all other polymer magazines, on an unauthorized list.

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I assume that is going to make a lot of people angry.  I really don’t see the downside to Pmags.  They are light, the polymer has a natural lubricity, they are durable, cheap to make etc… etc…  I’m all for giving the soldiers what THEY want.  They are the ones that have to use the equipment, and bet their lives on it.

Did Magpul piss some high level Army officials off?  Did a USGI mag manufacturer make the Army an offer they couldn’t refuse?  My guess is we will never know the exact answer.



Pretty good:

Poking fun at some of the over the top Transformers-Independence-Day-esque US military commercials.  A couple good Air Force ads to wet your whistle if you’re not familar – HERE and HERE.

Do fancy commercials help with recruiting?  I’d put my money on ‘yes’.


At first I was like LOL, then I was like 0.o

The Army is partnering with the other uniformed services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to find and treat servicemembers and civilians who were bitten by stray dogs and animals while deployed, according to a command news release.

Source – Stars & Stripes

The article says that the soldier who recently died from rabies, was the first death since 1967.   I don’t mean to be cold, but isn’t there anything else besides enemy fire that has taken more than one life in 44 years?   *shrug* As long as it’s not costing a mint, I don’t see the harm in slapping some of those posters up on bases and maybe shoehorning in a “Hey guys, remember don’t touch stray dogs, cats, etc…” in the next brief.

You guys that have served would know better than me. Do seemingly pointless things like this come down the pipeline every so often?


Training to compensate for muzzle DIVE?  Wait… what?…

Source – NYpost & NationalPost

The rifles are apparently QBZ model 95 or 97 bullpups.

Not too sure what that little training exercise acomplishes, unless its simply set up to break their spirits when they realize they can’t hold those bricks up for very long.

I’m surprised guy #1 in the 2nd picture didn’t get the cane.  He’s cheating by armpitting the rifle. Guy #2 is just an idiot.

Hat tip: Jared C.


A 66 page document outlining the minutia of their graphic design expectations:

The PDF is available – HERE

Interesting to go through if you have an interest in graphic design. If you don’t… then probably not so much.

The length is not surprising considering the same government requires a 26 page document outlining the way to prepare oatmeal cookies and chocolate covered brownies.


In honor of yesterday’s anniversary of the U.S. Army officially adopting the 1911 pistol exactly 100 years ago:

Hickok45 takes a look at some different 1911s:

Makes me sort of wish I didn’t sell my Springfield Loaded 1911-A1. Note that I said “sort of”.  It’s probably good I got rid of it when I did because there was so much pitting, and the gun was only a few years old. (Pictured left is the exact model I had… Easy on the eyes, hard on the heart)