Arnold Schwarzenegger

Crushing the game of life and random crap with his M47 Patton tank:

Arnold talks about his tank shenanigans when he was in the Austrian army:

Crushing a blender:

Crushing a taxi:

Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Predator-MusicalFor a $10 (or more) donation to the kids charity After School All-Stars, your entered to win a chance to get you and a friend flown to L.A. to spend the day with Arnold crushing stuff in his tank, smoking cigars, and lifting weights (which begs the question, bro do you even lift?).

Say what you will about California and it’s gun laws, but it’s hard to dislike Arnold.  The guy keeps it one-hunnid.



Agggaagughaahguhah TO DA CHOPPA:

Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Predator-MusicalQuite an epic collab.  Hell yea an M47 Patton tank #AMERICA.  Those ostrich eggs are trill.

Thoughts?  U mad Arnold has a tank in California and you need a bullet button and a dumb looking stock? :P


The voices are what make it great:

I still have to see that movie.  I comes out on Blu-Ray in a couple days (August 28th) so i’ll have to check if Red Box gets it soon.

Thoughts?  Is the movie as entertaining as the trailers make it seem?

Hat tip: Al


Arnold is back:

Another cartel related movie.  Looks entertaining enough, but if I had my choice of upcoming release cartel movies to see i’d definitely pick End Of Watch over this one.

I’m kind of sick of Johnny Knoxville… he was funny on Jackass, but in movies he always plays the same idiot.  That said, I suppose Arnold does too but at least his personality isn’t as grating.

In theaters January 18, 2013

Thoughts?  Are you guys looking forward to this one?


I only have one thing to say about this…


Ahhhhhhhhhh GET TO DA CHOPPA, it’s got a shoulder thing that goes up!


Now that’s what I call a manly musical.