Google ChromeOS demo lab has a neat little interactive website up where you can have a simulated “chat” with a lab tech to suggest how they should destroy the Cr48 netbook.

Check it out – HERE

Naturally the first thing I tried was “Shoot”.. that worked. So then “Blow Up” .. that worked too.

It suggested “William Tell” to me as well.. so I typed that in and it was pretty cool too.

Use your imagination, I’m sure there are plenty of other cool videos they have done.

To save you the trouble, I also entered some swear words and it told me to stop a few times, then it opened a new tab and googled “Cleaning Supplies” LOL

Speaking of ChromeOS and the google netbook… that is something I am buying immediately once it is released to the public.


Holy.. this guy has skillz:

I’m embarrassed to say that I suck at shooting clays even with the spread that birdshot has.


A guy on youtube made one with a 10 arrow magazine:

^ Tactical to the max.

Mythbusters make a bulkier less impressive version:



Hat Tip: SayUncle Blog