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Doesn’t TURN IT AWWWWWWWWF while he’s there at Arsenal Firearms:

0:37 – Coolest slow motion shot I’ve seen with the double 1911 so far!

Looks like a really cool old Italian town.

1:15 – Dimitri’s wife runs shit, I can tell.  She looks like a boss.

Interesting it’s the same guy who made the miniature guns Larry looked at before.  I’m surprised that they are surprised the double 1911 is doing so well and is in such high demand.  I’m not surprised no one wants to pay big money for those miniature guns (even though they are really cool).

Here is a much more useful “part 2” video where Larry Vuitton talks to one of the founders, Nicola Bandini:

4:08 – haha he has the same style magnetic-in-the-middle old man glasses that Larry has worn in other videos!  I didn’t know that was a thing.

Good lighting the Arsenal office… LAV’s Rolex Submariner is really shining nice.  I see you playa, I see you.

5:12 – Holy… that’s crazy how a small variation between firing pins can mess up the POI so much.

Jerry-Miculek-Double-Barrel-1911sSomething I just thought of… how is this thing sighted in?  left and right of point of aim is ideally where the impact would be?

Another thing… can you imagine the media frenzy if this gun was ever used in a high profile disgusting blood bath scenario, or even a controversial self defense shooting they love so much?  Ugh… it would definitely be an “Assault 1911”, or be given some other nickname we’d all roll our eyes at.

I have no idea what Glock’s manufacturing, assembly, quality control etc… looks like, but I’m guessing it’s a lot less of a pain in the ass than what Arsenal has to go through with all this hand fitted-ness.

Arsenal is sure getting a ton of press with this gun.  I wonder if they are paying for it all, and if guys like Jerry Miculek got sent the guns for free?  Was Larry was livin’ large (no pun intended, seriously) in Italy on the Arsenal dime for a bit while he shot these videos too?


P.S. How funny would it be if Arsenal came out with an “ARSENAL AF” t-shirt? hahahha


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*Gasp* it’s beautiful.  John Moses Browning approved?  Definitely not:

Come for the handgun… stay for the accent.  The only thing more beautiful and outrageous would be a real Double Deagle.

The AF2011-A1 obviously features a number of very special parts, such as the single slide, the single frame, the single spur double hammer, the single grip safety, the single body double mainspring housing and the single double cavity magazine floor plate, the long and double magazine latch, the special barrel bushings and the hold open lever and side lever safety with long shafts: but the most interesting feature of the new pistol which we strived to keep during the development of the project, is the interchangeability of most internal parts, which come as standard 1911 replacement parts. These include the firing pins, the firing pins plates, the sears groups, the triple springs, the inner parts of the mainspring housings, the recoil springs and recoil springs rods, the magazine bodies and inner parts, the sights (including after market adjustable sights) the grips and grips screws and bushings.

I don’t know what I want more… this double 1911 or the double glock I posted about a while back.

Some more pics to drool over: