Vintage derp from 1971:

Full Story – NYT

They should have used something impressive like .50 BMG from a greater distance, not .22 LR from 5 yards away.  haha and even at that distance this so called “marksman” put it through his actual arm, and didn’t just skim him as originally planned.  That would be hilarious if he actually shot more meat on purpose.

The cool thing about “art” is that if you have enough friends who help you blow smoke up everyone’s ass, and you can make the right connections in galleries and what not, then you’ll probably do alright despite your actual talent or ability to make the world a better place.  There are plenty of examples of this at your local art gallery.

Sons-Of-Guns-Stephanie-Hayden-DerpIt’s funny what passes as edgy in 1971.. or even as “art” in general.  Just goes to show that the definition or art is so loose.

Thoughts?  Did you guys make any “art” this past long weekend?  Note that could mean anything from shooting tannerite, to plinking at some rotten fruit.


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I’ll cover a gun shape in cheese puffs mannnnnnnn.  Safety is an illusion mannnnnnnn:


The standard art “purpose / intent” statement by the artist Sharareh Khosravani:

The gun made out of cheese puffs. Obviously the gun ties into the theme of violence but by covering it in actual cheese puffs, I hoped to add a dimension of humor to the warning. In part this work came about because of events such as the Boston Marathon bombing and recent school shootings that made me think about the way violence affects children today. We want to believe that schools are safe places and children are innocent, but sometimes that safety is only an illusion. You may feel safe even when you are actually in the line of fire. (Source)

Yea like obviously guns are violent.  I mean pfftttt do you know how many of them go off on their own and kill people?  The extreme irony here is that foods like cheese puffs which contribute to obesity kill more people than guns annually by a long shot.

Cartman-Cheesy-PoofsShe should have covered criminals convicted of gun crimes in cheese puffs, and painted their faces like clowns.  That would have been a statement on safety being only an illusion.  See I should have been a metaphorical artist.

Thoughts?  Would play Call of Duty while eating from said cheese puff gun, trying not to let your mom’s ridiculous demands and pressure she puts on your life, stress you out?

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High capacity fear:





Via Supercompressor.

From the artist Christopher Schulz:

They become an attractor of curiosity, one that brings us closer to our fears by showing these items in an elegant, beautiful way.

From the gallery owner:

They sell for between $4,000 and $42,000 depending on the edition, and have been purchased by clients all over the world. “It’s fascinating seeing the different types of people who are drawn to them and for what reason,” she said. “I can say with certainty that no other works in my gallery have attracted more attention and enthusiasm.”

Well that doesn’t sound like the project is done because of anti-gun beliefs… quite the opposite actually.  The guy appreciates both guns and sharks.  I feel that.  I saw jaws… watched a couple news reports and was all “BAN ASSAULT SHARKS” until I realized it’s not the Shark’s fault he’s just doing what he’s meant to do and we’re encroaching.

Oh there’s also a ray, because they are misunderstood and “scary” too:


Seeing a ray, I’m not instantly like “OH SHIT SON!”, but I’d have to say I am kind of sketched out when I’m at beaches and there are signs warning of them.  Gotta keep a close eye on the sand, so you don’t get got when a ray catches you slippin.

You can check out Christopher Schulz website for more interesting pieces.

Thoughts?  It’s too bad these aren’t functional right?  PEW PEW PEW out the shark’s mouth.


Artist Greg Broadwell with something that costs more than you make in a month:

Glock-7-1 Glock-7-2 Glock-7-3

I know what you’re going to say “You’d be surprised what I make in a month.” *eye roll* haha

Crooks-And-Castles-New-Era-Glock-Grind-HatIf you want to buy it, the price is $900 (Yea yea, I know you make more than $900 a month).  Contact Greg via the link to his website at the top of the post.  Definitely some other cool looking gun related projects showcased on there as well.

Greg tells me he’s open to commissions, so if you’re looking for a porcelain Deagle brand Deagle or Hi-Point he’s your guy.



Come for the Allah Snackbar’s, stay for the Dumbo drop:

Troll-FaceOh Banksy, you crAzy.  He posted the above video on his website yesterday.

3.4M views in one day, and counting… not bad.

The cool thing about putting out a youtube video is that no one can steal and sell it, like they do a lot of his street art.


Hat tip: InOps


Liquid nitrogen, an Air Gun, and high-speed-low-drag German photography:




To achieve this, photograher Martin Klimas  sought out flowers with particularly complex internal structures and froze them to -200° Celsius in liquid nitrogen. Once they were frozen, he had to be careful. “They’re as fragile as raw eggs,” he says. “You can destroy them by sneezing.”  After the flowers were frozen, he brought them to his set and placed the stem in a vice to hold the blossom in front of a white background. He used a normal air gun rigged with a device that let him remotely pull the trigger, and took a series of shots right at the moment of impact.

Allllllllways with the air guns in these types of things.  Yea I get that you don’t need a high caliber round to shatter a liquid nitrogen’d flower but come on!  The photographer is German, so I’m sure like every German guy I imagine he probably has legit ties to someone at HK who could toss one of those “too dangerous for civilians” MP7s his way for an afternoon.  Does HK hate german civilians too?  Or is that just American civilians they hate?

Lots more pictures over at the Smithsonian blog.

Thoughts?  Want to see Richard Ryan shoot some flowers in the face?  That would probably upset some of the California hippies he’s surrounded by.

Hat tip: Jay