Haven’t done an art post in a while.  Here’s some randomness:

The biographical statement from the artist’s website:

Robert Pruitt is an artist living and working in Houston TX. He makes drawings and sculptures about the complexity of black identity by combining contrasting signs and imagery of disparate Black influences and aesthetics. He layers Science Fiction, Hip Hop, comic books, and black political and social struggles into layered portraits of his friends and community.

Robert Pruitt’s website can be found – HERE

The drawings of people on his site actually look really good.  The sculptures and staged pictures though are just so predictably random, I’m not impressed.

I’ll admit the Bubblegum M-16 does look pretty neat.  Nothing I couldn’t do with an airsoft gun, $20 worth of gum, a few possible cavities though.



Some people might be grossed out.   I got hungry, and wanted to fire up the BBQ:

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The art of Fan Xiaoyan:

I spot a long barreled rifle of some sort, a mini AK, a cross bow, and a grenade.

More creepy pics to give you nightmares – HERE


Italian sculptor Nicola Bolla, 47, is reknowned for using materials of natuarl beauty to create disturbing or even vulgar objects.

Wow, that looks like crap. Could he have left out any more detail?

Full Story – HERE


Some of you might remember the actual sandbag couch I posted about HERE.

A Jerusalem based industrial designer took that concept and ran with it:

I actually like the look of it.  Looks like it would be hell if you lost something out of your pocket, or had to vacuum it though.

As usual … queue the hilarious “purpose of” explanation…

The home becomes a “closed military zone” that in its comfort can diminish the natural defense mechanism. This exhibition raises the questions of security, anxiety, home and sense of security, at times when soldiers and civilians play equal part in the confrontation. This could be the confrontation with our enemies or the confrontation within us, between our primal behaviors and the tamed ones.

ROFL those never disappoint.

The designer Ezri Tarazi has a few other neat things on his site that he made out of old ammunition boxes you should make sure to check out (HERE).


Artist Michael Tompert takes Apple’s products and wrecks them with blowtorches, sledgehammers, handsaws and handguns. His large-scale prints of the detritus are surprisingly colorful and beautiful.

“It’s an alternate viewpoint,” explained Tompert at a preview of his first gallery show, which opens in San Francisco today. “They’re beautiful inside. They’re beautiful when you open them up.”

How he did it:

So point blank with some weak-ass cardboard covering, and no gloves…. Nice… real nice. I wonder if he even had on safety glasses?

Some people… *shakes head*.  Live to dodge Darwin another day Michael…

Hat tip: CultOfMac