ASMR Rich stays making it his job to soothe the people:

These vids of his are blowing up!  He’s been making ASMR vids for a month and already has 135,000 subs.  The vid above already has 150,000 views on it.  I feel like even the anti-gun people that like ASMR would appreciate this, but I could be wrong.  I scrolled the comments for a minute, and couldn’t see anything negative.  Good vibes only.

You can also check out the first post I did on ASMR Rich if you want.

Thoughts?  Looks like this guy really found a niche within a niche within a niche.


Incredible that he did this for the culture:

Long intro, but the guy is chill and happy to be doing what he does so it’s cool to watch.  I embedded with it skipped to the gun part, so if you want to hear the intro you gotta skip back.

S&W SD40 VE up first.

7:04 – He gets into how hollow tips will mess someone up

9:11 – haha man, It never gets old seeing people enjoy guns.

I’m quite sensitive to ASMR stuff.  I didn’t even know that acronym or that ASMR was a thing until one of you commenters on here talked about it a couple years back.  I thought everyone had the hair on the back of their neck and arms stand up, and felt warm and tingly when they listened to certain music and heard certain sounds.


Holy, since that video has almost 1M videos, looks like he decided to double down and make a few more:

So good.

Gat tip: connoratownsend, ashtonkeeley