assault clips

An example of why they should be banned:

Mattv2099-OperatorThe Cowwadoody headset and 1000 yard stare sealed the deal.  I wouldn’t think that headset would provide much hearing protection, but maybe he’s got plugs on underneath.

Blowing up food and drinks is always a good time.

Mattv2099 everyone… haha that was in my talkshow host voice. Ladies, he’s single and has lots of ammunition.


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Saw this on TV yesterday:

Pretty interesting idea for a video.

No wait.. what I meant to say was “It promotes gun violence.  BAN ASSAULT CLIPS!”


We already knew last month that the Brady Campaign wanted assault clips banned, but now they have a video:

Trollin trollin trollin trollin…

I too always like to awkwardly rack the slide on my gun by gripping the front with my finger on the trigger while aiming it at my hand. *facepalm*

How much do you want to be that most of those views are from gun enthusiasts?


I’m going to LOL so hard when we find out in a few years that the Brady Campaign is actually a organization set up for the sole purpose of trolling.

What caliber is that even? .45 Colt? No doubt for some of those high capacity cowboy action assault revolver moon clips.

A recent email they sent out:

Hear that guys? We deserve to be protected from these weapons of war!

I love how they just effortlessly jump back and forth between terms like “high capacity clip”, “assault clip”, and “ammunition magazine”. Thank god they specify “ammunition” magazine though.. in the context of that joke of a writeup I would have assumed they were talking about a paper magazine such as MAD.

I agree with him about the 32 bullets in 16 seconds though. That’s only 2 rounds/second!  I demand a much higher RPM for my full auto fun.

Hat tip: Eric