Asymmetric Solutions

I don’t get this:

At 2:51 we can see there’s a crowd of several hundred people, if not over 1000.  This little demo is supposed to impress them?  Let me just go through the steps:

  1. Roll empty bus onto grass (I’m already disappointed it wasn’t a short bus)
  2. Walk out (future) hostages
  3. 0:21 – Oh look… Anon at the front of the bus is crazy and he says he’s going to kill everyone.  The driver is crazy too.
  4. 0:47 – Ohhhhhh shit the TIER -29 operators are rolling up in the back of a pickup truck.
  5. 0:58 – Casually they are now next to the bus and crazy anon doesn’t seem to care
  6. 1:15 – Anon hears flashbang and instead of killing everyone he runs to the back of the bus, doesn’t do shit, then proceeds to get “shot”.
  7. 1:33 – Looks like several more operators are needed.
  8. 1:40 – Anon is “putting up a fight” by slapping his hands a bit, he’s zip tied and then is dragged off the bus and thrown into the back of the pickup.
  9. 2:40 – Gotta roll in front of the crowd for effect, while putting his rifle to the back of Anon’s head (oh and the back of his hand too).
  10. 2:46 – Bus evacuated by operators, everyone lived.  Whole crowd goes wild.  WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

Ok so someone explain why?  This just seems like some useless display just to trick the crowd into thinking “WHOA I JUST WITNESSED SOMETHING SO OPERATOR”.  Like Anon and his driver buddy wouldn’t have nuked everyone on that bus when they saw the operators roll up with guns.

Short-School-BusI haven’t picked on Asymmetric Solutions in a while.  Vigilant Spectre and those guys are bros now.  This broship seemingly was cultivated after they FLIPPED OUT when I made this initial post, which got 267 comments (some of which were praising the place, but were actually comments made by Asymmetric Solutions themselves under an alias haha it was such a clusterfuck)… They invited me to tour their facilities to prove they were in fact the TIER -29 operators they claim to be.  I obviously declined because I don’t give a shit, but VSO stepped up to the plate and was like “Hell yeah I’ll go and document it”.  He’s actually posted a lot of videos there which were not derpy at all, hence why I haven’t posted them (boring, but looks like they are having fun at least).

Thoughts?  Is everyone else impressed but me?  Is this actually how a bus hostage situation would be handled in real life?


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Vigilant Spectre. Too big of sissies to train how they operate, so they use airsoft:

Wimps.  Anyone who had real confidence in their crew would have DONE IT LIVE like the guy in this video or Larry Vickers and the Russians (TM for a new punk band I’m starting).

Definitely an asymmetric solution to a problem operators in crowded operations face.  OHHHHHHH see what I did there? They did this drill at the training facility of Asymmetric Solutions.  Ironic considering that first Asymmetric Solutions post was all about the lack of muzzle discipline.

Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-WallsI don’t really know how the average person would benefit from a drill like this, considering if you have your gun out in a self defense situation you’re liking not going to be shooting through a crowd of people.  If you are, I’m going to say chances are you’re already WAY over your head.  Vigilant Spectre though are not average.  They probably used the skills from this drill that night… even if it was just to dodge girls coming at them while they had a beer in each hand at the local bar they frequent.



Or Asymmetric Derp as I initially dubbed the outfit:

I figured I’d post those vids for two reasons… one because Victoria’s Spectre are my dudes, and two the initial Asymmetric Derp post and the comments following it are classic ENDO, and this would direct people back to it for some laughs.

For those too lazy to click through that link above to watch the video and read the comments, it can be summarized as Asymmetric Solutions saw the post… Bricks were shit, and they immediately went into damage control mode to try and convince us all that they are indeed the go-to Tier -17 school for operators who operate in operations (in galaxies both foreign and domestic).  This damage control was done by Asymmetric Solutions themselves and by people from within the organization pretending to just be random outsiders (classic derp mistake).  They invited me to come tour the facilities (like I have time for that shit?)… Vigilant Spectre offered to go, Asymmetric Solutions accepted and what you get are the above videos (and a few more you can see on the Vigilant Spectre YouTube page).

Vigilant-Spectre-Victorias-SecretI suppose it’s proven that those walls are safe.  The video from the 1st post still makes me cringe though, and I guess I’m just not operator enough to get that muzzle sweeping people is crucial to operating in some operations.



I’m not into normally into “regulation”, but will they seriously let anyone start a firearm tactics “training” school?

I browsed around Asymmetric Solutions‘ website (Asymmetric DERP) for a bit, and of course came across the normal “we are advanced tier -9 operators who have operated in operations even in deep space in galaxies you’ve never even heard of” type stuff.  The usual LOL-worthy jargon everywhere too.

At first glance it looks like the walls are just plywood…which they are, but according to Asymmeteric DERP’s comment on the video, the fill is what counts:

Even our small quick hit shoot houses are ballistic such as the one shown in the video. The plywood is a surface facia that prevents splatter. There is ballistic sheeting and 20 inches thick of compressed tire shred before the other side of the wall’s ballistic sheeting and plywood. 5.56 will not penetrate the first sheet and spalls into the plywood. 30 rounds of AP 7.62 NATO in the same impact point will not reach the other side of the wall. It is tested up to .338 Lap Mag.

The one thing I find interesting is sure the walls there are safe (apparently) for the guys on the other side… but why train like this with your entire team running all over the place like a bunch of retards when in a real life situation walls are not going to stop bullets?  The reality is if you try and Mozambique a thug going for his piece in some shitty apartment in the hood and miss, you’re sending shots through walls and potentially into innocent people.

Sonny-Puzikas-AK-Glock-Dual-WieldWho underwrites insurance for places like these?

Looks like Sonny “Shoot House” Puzikas would be right at home there.

Thoughts?  Would train with?

UPDATE. Coincidence? Possibly, but it really wouldn’t surprised me if it was either the same person (hopping from mobile connection to desktop) or just someone they know trying to “help” out:


God what a derp-fest in the comments.