Like the prosecution and the legend Alfred Tennyson always says “Better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all”:

That truly is an ENDO certified “TWPLI SPECIAL” (The-Prosecution-Will-Love-It Special), so much cringe I can’t even. ROFL at the ATF doing a hypotenuse measurement for length of pull.  If the owner of the rifle is into tattoos, I hope he gets one of a measuring tape at an angle to commemorate the time he didn’t go to jail.  Oh and he needs a tattoo of his wife matrix-dodging a thrown cellphone.  Yea yea throwing a cellphone at a significant other isn’t funny.  I wouldn’t throw one at my girlfriend, which shouldn’t be surprising because I also don’t have a SBR as atrocious as that.  For ladies in the dating scene that read ENDO, a major red flag should be if a dude shows you his gun collection and he has anything that even remotely resembles the above.  DATE IS OVER 🚪.  RUN 🏃‍♀️💨💨💨, don’t walk.

There is a long write up about this case on this at TTAG.  Warning, anything you THINK might be a link to somewhere useful, probably isn’t (I’m sure you guys know that by now).  I remember the first time I saw viglink on a website (like TFB or TTAG) I assumed they had a terrible virus.  Nope I was wrong… just a very obtrusive very shitty monetization technique.  Try not to sign up for an American Express credit card, or fall for the trap of the girl in the white shirt trying to get you to click the “35 Embarrassing Photos You Must See”.  Sometimes I wonder if I could get ENDO up to 3.8 billion page views and 2.9 million comments per day while monetizing the shit out of it like TTAG, then cash out and retire living large like Robert Farago.  Then I get really real with the self reflection and am like “Mike… come on now, you only are capable of shitposting” 😂😭 I guess I could hire some vetted non-shitposters, but that sounds like a lot of work and the truth of the matter is I don’t want ENDO to become a serious place.


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This video is put out by Gabby Giffords:

Basically regulations regarding “what ifs”, and he uses the term “ghost guns” (building your own).  haha he talks about the people who troll him on twitter.

I think you guys know my stance on this.  Any law that may potentially be made to combat this isn’t going to affect what criminals are going to do, because they simply don’t care about breaking the law.  Regular people who want to print guns for their own personal enjoyment, or other purposes such as self defense (assuming we get there eventually – where you can print semi autos) are not the problem.



This idiot made an SBR on facebook live:

A news report and a derpy response from her:

The thumbnail I used for this post sums it up.  “I’m HeLpiNg By GeTtIng RiD of A MiLiTaRy StYLe AsSaUlT WeApOn”.

LOL it’s priceless the backpedaling in this story, where she claims the gun was “rendered inoperable” before she sawed it off.  How convenient.

Here’s her original facebook video… there are around 40,000 comments now haha.

Thoughts?  If I know one thing, it’s how much the gun related internet LOVES calling out SBRs… basically unless you post a picture of your tax stamp with your SBR you’ll probably have someone try to educate you on the fact it is indeed an SBR.  Cool story, thanks bro I had no idea.  People are still finding out about “arm braces” too, so that always makes the comments fun when someone posts a picture of a really short barrel but an arm brace stock.

KaReN MaLLaRd FoR CoNgReSs.  Hearing her talk in that video is like listening to some 5 year old practice for a school play, painful.


People are saying “Nice try ATF 😏”:

$68 with FREE SHIPPING. 😂 *smh*.  “ELITE TRIBE” sounds very piehitter-esque… they do have a lot of items for sale in their store.

LOL that Glock logo too.  For those of you who don’t know what this thing is… you swap it out for the factory slide plate and voila you now have a select fire Glock.  Yea, DEFINITELY NOT legal for the average person.  I’m not sure if this little device would actually work on airsoft or not, but even if it does I would not touch it with a 10ft pole even if I had an airsoft Glock and no regular Glock.

People wrote some pretty funny reviews on the product page.  DO NOT buy one of these though under any circumstances.


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VICE news takes a look:

Since it appears to be all firing pin indent related, it seems like one of those things which criminals could easily circumvent, if they weren’t so stupid / lazy.  I wonder if there’s any sort of unique signature made by when the casing expands in the firing chamber which they also can (or do) catalog?  I’m glad to hear the system is working for law enforcement.  It’s too bad the system costs around $250k (4:28).  For a big city I’m sure that’s nothing, but for smaller police departments that’s likely an insane amount of money to spend… not to mention the training needed.  There needs to be some sort of centralized office which just deals with entering casings into NIBIN.  Getting the casing evidence to that office by some sort of a secure courier a couple times per month maybe?  I’m sure people smarter than me have thought about all these things.

2:41 – haha imagine if that car backfired.  Miss Vest would have filled her pants.

I wonder if a lawyer has ever argued that just because the shell casings that were linked to his client’s gun were found at the scene, it doesn’t mean he committed the shooting.  The old “my client goes to the range lots and doesn’t police his brass” defense.  “HIS RIVALS SPRINKLED HIS CASINGS on THEIR CRIME SCENE your honor.  My client didn’t do NOTHING”. Haha probably has happened.



haha BURN IT DOWN. Wirty Dhore just dropped this video called “How To ATF”:

hahah ok then.  Man flamethrowers are so awesome.  I’d be a bit nervous having a tank of fuel on my back though.