The Skynet joke has been beaten to death… for real though, we’re all dead. This thing is SHOCKINGLY agile:

The Boston Dynamics Atlas ūüė¨.¬† From now on I only am saying good things about robots, as a precaution for when they eventually create an Ai to see who to kill first.

I really need one of these things to come hiking with me, so it can be on high alert and fight bears or cougars if the need arises.¬† You just know that robot could probably pick a bear up and throw it through a tree.¬† The visual I just got LOL… I’d just be standing there all smug in the forest eating a trail snack like “I told you bear… don’t start shit, there won’t be no shit.”


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Uhhhhhhhh well this is nightmare material. They call it Atlas:

0:50 – haha I LOL’d. ¬†Smooth recovery though.

1:19 – Put a little twist in her hips ’cause we’re watching.

1:37 – You want to get killed first by this new smart robot? ¬†Because that’s how you get killed first Ron. *smfh*

2:16 –¬†So crisp. ¬†10/10

Mother-Of-God-MemeJudging by this video, looks like DARPA has come a long way in less than a year.  Remember the DARPA Robot World championship video I posted?  Those robots basically all sucked compared to this new one.

I’m not sure what creeps me out more, these new human looking robots or the creepy animal¬†ones they always had before.

Thoughts?  You officially going to curb your robot shit talking as of today?  God knows these things and Skynet in general are listening and keeping track and prioritizing kills.

Gat tip: Thomas