Handy to have these skills:

friday-damnhaha man… Bob Vogel really gets it done. With the EXTENDO CLIP TOO!  Glad to see guys like him, Jerry Miculek, and others with tons of wins under their belt still have a sense of humor and not take themselves too seriously.


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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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I hope SHERP is Russian for “cube” haha.

Russian-Sherp-ATV3.7 mi/h on water, 8 mi/h on land.  Oooooooh ya.

#BugoutVehicleGoals.  Needs armor and airless tires though.

If you have an extra $65000 laying around you should pick one up.  Lots more info on there website if you click the link.  Looks like they also do leases for those ballin on a budget.



Oh yea, these look awesome:

More info on the Polaris MRZR over at their website.  It’s like a souped up operator’s version of their popular RZR.

Can non military buyers acquire the MRZR? *adjusts blacked out monocle* I’ll take two in Matte Black please sir.

I’d love to make one of those street legal… sadly I don’t think too many states (if any) would allow that.  I could have sworn I saw quads such as Yamaha Raptors on the side streets in California, so I don’t know.. maybe you can switch the “use” from off-road to on road there? Anyone know? The thing I find interesting is that you can buy a motorcycle and ride it on any road and no one even bats an eyelash… these things though have 4 wheels, seatbelts, and roll cages and they are considered off road only as far as I know.


Needs more explosions, girls, and more guns. Besides that It’s acceptable.



Looks like the team is missing a few. Oh well maybe next hunting season.

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