Australian Olympic Swimmers pose with some guns and put it on facebook.  CRIKEY did the S ever HTF in Australia after that…

Full Story – HERE

Ok.. the very first line in the article already has me pissed off:

The pair smiled and looked smug as they handled automatic pistols and pump-action shot guns similar to those used in the Port Arthur massacre.

And “Swimming Australia” demanded Kenrick Monk remove the picture.

Oh but it gets better…

D’Arcy was pictured holding semi-automatic pistols, similar to those used by Virginia Tech gunman Cho Seung-Hui.


Australian Olympic team boss Nick Green said the photo was foolish.

So let me get this straight… Two Australian guys pose with guns INSIDE A GUN SHOP IN THE UNITED STATES… and get torn a new one for posting a picture of it?  And on top of it all get compared to two killers in a couple of the worst firearm related massacres the world has seen to date.

If that’s what Australia is like, i’m glad I was never planning on visiting there.  I don’t know if these guys have any legal recourse… but they should look into bankrupting the Australian Herald Sun for printing such bullshit.


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Kind of looks like a Hi-Point to me. In other news, the government is now working on a cloud vacuum to quickly eradicate future gun clouds.



I posted about Steve Lee a couple of times in the past (HERE and HERE) because of his “I Like Guns” song.

This video and song has a different tone to it though.  Steve seems VERY sedated in this one … Maybe those oppressive Australian gun laws are getting the best of him?

I thought the original “I like Guns” song was catchy, and the video was neat to watch.   This song though is just flat out depressing… excuse me while I go finish off my bucket of Coldstone ice cream while sobbing  and reminiscing of a time when gun laws were not so restrictive.

For the love of god, cheer up Steve.

While I’m picking apart the video, I figured it was worth mentioning I thought it was odd that at 1:55 min he takes his cocked revolver (finger on the trigger) and points it at the roof while singing and not paying attention.  Then the next scene after that he’s shooting at metal popper targets from probably about 5 yards away, where he hits his first target.. then blatantly puts the next shot high into the (particle board?) backstop.  Not that it’s a big deal that he missed (I miss all the time), I just thought it was funny to include in the video.