0:11 – Wat?  Looking like a gay Australian fight club.  To be perfectly honest, that cuttoff Steve is wearing looks like a FoG (Fear of God) flannel I wanted to buy for layering.  I can’t hate on the man much for that maneuver.  LOL I never thought I’d be upgrading Steve Lee because of menswear (even if he fluked it).

0:17 – Hold my beer and watch this

I bet Steve’s name really rings bells in Cambodia.  Remind me to never go there and mention ENDO.  I bet some of those Cambodian soldiers *read ENDO once* and would catch a body for Steve.  They’d have your boy bleeding in the streets.

steve-lee-i-like-guns-album0:59 – Always point your weapons in a safe direction.  This guy’s safe direction is his foot.

1:44 – This man rubbing it in AU’s face haha.

2:32 – Nooooo not Steve’s music.  Whyyyyyyyyy? :P

Young metro doesn’t trust Steve Lee, and neither do I.  It’s well documented.



An Australian talk show called Insight takes a look:

Could be both frustrating and interesting to watch, I wouldn’t know. At almost an hour long, it’s about 55 minutes past my YouTube video attention span… especially since it’s foreign.  If you think you might be interested, but are not sure you can read the summary over at the network’s website.

Sydney-Australia-Gun-CloudSkipping through the episode, it really seems to be based on emotion.  That’s what a lot of the anti-gun stuff is though.


Gat tip: Rennie


1996 in Australia:

Born-To-FeelOh wow what a heartbreaking video.  This was a kneejerk reaction to the Port Arthur massacre mass shooting, where 35 people were killed and 23 wounded.  Terrible occurrence, but not a good reason to punish the entire population.

When is Australia going to pass the Steve Lee amendment, making it illegal for him to exist online?  Yea yea I know I could just stop watching his videos, but I’m not going to.



Crikey! A VICE documentary:

Crack open a cold Fosters, throw some shrimp on the barbie, pull out your bigger knife when someone shows you theirs, and flush the toilet just to watch it spin the other way.

VICE-LogoNice looking dogs, vicious though wow.  Looks similar to the wild boar problem in the US.



Warns New South Wales Australia Police Commissioner:

Yeah, exactly.  I’m surprised I haven’t seen lots of Liberator related injury stories already on the internet.


Sure there are obviously different quality levels of 3d Printing.  They admittedly did their test on a cheap $700 printer, but I think it does a good job of making their point.


Hat tip: Charles


This guy is the worst:

He may be on our side, but as I said before he’s the Australian Nickelback of gun songs, and I mean that in the most non-flattering way possible.  Even the videos are so “Hey look I own a digital SLR and exploit the shit out of depth of field!”.  I wish I knew he washed dishes at a truck stop or something full time and just did this music thing on the side, but sadly I think his career is making these terrible songs up and touring across Australia singing them with his family.

Anyone pick up that terrible CD of his?  $8.99 at Amazon if you’re in need of an ironic gift for someone.