Ugh fellas… I hate to bring this to your attention, but behold:

$12 on the ARFCOM website.  Initially I was flabbergasted this thing was actually brought to market by them.  However, many people on that site no doubt suffer from actual autism (no joke intended), so having a spinner which matches their interests I’d have to say is quite cute.


Gat tip: Anon

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Atlanta, GA. – A Fulton County mother was outraged Wednesday that her autistic son was suspended and charged with a felony over a picture he drew. The 14 year old is a student at Ridgeview Charter School in Atlanta.

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So this 14 year old kid  with autism is charged with making “terroristic threats”, and yet a full grown man who taught his students a geometry lesson outlining the assassination of our president gets off basically scott free?  Yea.. that makes sense :roll:

This autistic kid and the 13 year old finger gun girl should get together for a friendly talk.  Hopefully she wears mitts and he doesn’t bring a pencil though.  No telling what could happen otherwise.

Poor kid… Like he already doesn’t have enough to deal with being autistic.