Of skinny George Zimmerman with a dog:



Full Story – TMZ

The gun shop is The Arms Room in Orlando, FL.  They also have a Facebook page if you care.

I wonder if he was charging for the autographs? God, what a useless picture to autograph too.  Is this some type of stupid move to try and improve his public image?  If so, bad idea in my opinion.  All it comes across as is just another publicity stunt to keep his name in the news and get on TMZ again.

I just checked the current count, and I still give -28 fucks about GZ.  The last time I said something similar this happened in the comments LOL:


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I’m still not 100% sure if I was being trolled or not.  If I was, I suppose I fell for it.

Thoughts?  Do you think we’re obligated to like and support everyone who has similar gun / 2nd Amendment interests?