“Hollywood overkill of the sideways gangsta shooting method encouraged many modern hoods to look for a less trendy but equally cool-looking technique for offin’ someone,'” wrote freelancer Marian Ayoob in Handguns’ September cover story, entitled “Better To Look Good Than To Shoot Good.” “Over the last three months, holding a gun completely upside down has become the predominant method used by stylish gangstas whom, as they say, ‘be fixin’ to put a cap in a [person’s] dome.'”

Full hilarious article – HERE

The best parts are the Massad Marian Ayoob quotes.


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A very comprehensive and fair article on Concealed carry.

Some interesting graphs as well, showing the rise in states adopting “shall issue” permits and the fall in homicides over the same time period.

Full Article at MSNBC – HERE

Also, make sure you hit up the poll – HERE

At my time of voting, pro-concealed carry was winning by a landslide (76.5%) with almost 50,000 votes.

If you are looking to read more on the topic, Concealed Carry By. Massad Ayoob will not disappoint.  For $16.50 you will definitely get your money’s worth whether you are new to carrying, or have been doing it for years.

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