bachelor party


haha those guys.  Well at least no one (in frame) got hurt at that one.  If you check the wedding tag on this site, there are lots of similar videos including some where things go VERY bad.

Thoughts?  Would you be down to toss a few back and chill with these Pakistani good ole’ boys?  I like watching this type of stuff on video, but I’d keep my distance. Believe I’d Brass Bandit the shit out of the function after.

Here’s a couple more vids from the same guy:

0:33 – Dat trigger slap tho. It’s like someone full force slapping me across the face when I witness one that bad.

0:45 – This guy with the belt fed + ammo assistant. hah

1:49 – GUNSHOTS ON THE BEAT. What you know harder than that? Bursss burssss.

2:02 – Looks like a kid is getting in on the action too.

And another:

Christian-Bale-Pointing-Meme0:24 – Speaking of brass bandits haha.

Thoughts? Are these all done safely in the middle of the desert, with Pakistani Range Officers making sure safety is top priority? Do they all have custom fitted in-ear earpro and nextgen contact lens eye protection which we can’t see? Kidding.

Gat tip: Keith

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Holy this is cool:

Rambo-DaySome guys paying tribute to their friend for his bachelor party… making him his favorite action hero for a day; Rambo, and putting him through some epic related situations.

Simply amazing… even down to the filming.  You could tell Dana (Rambo) was absolutely blown away.

I know it’s 22 minutes long, but it’s definitely worth watching.


Joey did it right, bought all his guys ENDO Run Guns t-shirts and defended the meadow.  Priceless:





This what at some point in the bachelor party day.  So awesome, I’m always willing to consider helping out on the price when anyone has anything awesome like this planned and wants to deliver pics.  It’s unconfirmed whether strippers showed up at the meadow later that night.  If they did, I was told there are no pics of them in the shirts.

LOL @ the banjo even.

Congrats again Joey, have a long and happy marriage!  Thanks again for the pics.

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