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Hahahha this is great:

Steven-Crowder-gunsDefinitely worth watching.   Starting at 0:38 & 4:08 those few clips… it’s incredible how misinformed some of these “celebrities” are.  That is the absolute worst too because idiots look to them for information.

If you haven’t seen his video 2nd Amendment For Muskets Only? video make sure to check it out also.


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This again:

bruhI’m so sick about hearing about how effective background checks are, and how much more effective they would be if the system was improved.  Even if the system had 100% of every shitbag in the entire USA in it, nothing would change.  People would still get guns easily illegally via other methods (off the streets, a friend, straw purchase etc…) if they wanted them.  Again and again it’s so obvious you just can’t make up laws and expect criminals to follow them.



Hear that criminals?  They passed a law you should be afraid of:

Everytown for Gun Safety is charged up, wow.

Crime-Scene-Chalk-Outline-Police-Line-MurderOh man what a victory… gun crime will now approach zero. *eye roll*

What a waste of time.


Oh Brady Law… you so crazy:

I love how they are taking credit for all the false positives in the background check system.

0:47 – Oh noEs.. gun show loophole!

Brady-Campaign-Ban-Assault-ClipsIt’s really awesome how naive they are, like if congress actually all of the sudden demanded background checks on ALL GUN SALES the criminals would be like “Oh damn, I guess we can’t buy guns anymore… that’s really going to put a damper on our livelihood”.



Like H-Town in the summertime, MrColionNoir keeps it 100:

More regarding how criminals will all of the sudden miraculously start following laws, and lives will be saved.

MrColionNoir-ENDO-Keep-Calm2:31 – She?  haha he’s a gender equal criminal basher!  I know there are definitely girl criminals too,  I just catches me off guard sometime.

I say it over and over, but I bet if the death penalty was expedited in all states for even being found guilty of small crimes, crime would be exponentially lower instantly.  Oh yea I’m a cold dude. “BUT MIKE CRIMINALS HAVE FAMILIES AND FRIENDS, AND THEY ARE PEOPLE TOO!”  pffttt miss me with that sympathy shit.   Even better, since the “dealth penalty” and “found guilty” definitely means the process and the government and lots of taxpayer’s money being spent it would be better off if as many as possible crimes committed, ended with a dead criminal.



NRA News x Dom Raso:

Dom-Raso-NRAWhy would a criminal buy a new gun from an FFL when they could just get one off the streets or through a face to face transfer?  Yea exactly.  I’m sure most of the people who fail the background check, fail due to false positive or things they did not know would disqualify them from owning a firearms which showed up in NICS.

Once again, criminals don’t follow laws so…