background check

MrColionNoir takes a look at what goes on:

Trying to save one life with gun control while millions are saving their lives with guns.  How many lives will be lost if those rights are taken away?

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOYep, makes sense.  People against guns need to see these MrColionNoir x NRA videos.



With Tennessee state senator Stacey Campfield:

Campfield poses the question at 1:20 to Piers about when he’s heading back to England.  Piers didn’t take the bait and get pissed off unfortunately.  Typical Piers… can’t see that the PERSON is the problem not the inanimate object.  So much gun control failure butthurt going around it’s priceless.

Assault-Pressure-Cooker-JokeHeard about the Williams-Sonoma assault pressure cooker ban from last week?  That was the best.


Hat tip: Joshua


MrColionNoir breaks it down:

MrColionNoir-ENDO-Keep-CalmI often wonder if I’m one of the only ones who gets all his rap and pop culture references.  Not saying lots of others don’t either, but my experience on the blog is it seems like many of the ones I make go over people’s heads.

The delivery on this vid was especially good.



He does a good job of breaking down the bullshit people fall for:

Yea exactly, they just rigged the poll to have the results show what they wanted them to show.  Someone with money should troll them by hiring several polling companies and actually asking proper questions such as the “registration of firearms” one MrColionNoir brought up…. then we will see what’s up.



Some law enforcement “leaders” demand it:

Demand-A-Plan-Background-ChecksThat chief hat looks HUGE on that guy’s head.

Although I agree that criminals, the mentally ill etc.. shouldn’t have guns, I find it hard to even remotely support the message of an organization that wants to BAN HIGH CAPACITY ASSAULT CLIPS and make something that’s already illegal (straw purchases) more illegal… don’t even ask… I have no idea.