A.K.A. “Machine gun bacon” *eye roll*.  This is weak AF:

I’ll admit the first time I heard about Ted Cruz was when the Associated Press came under fire for snapping photos of him with the gun pictures pointing at his head.

Is Ted Cruz an actual gun guy?  Who knows.  My jaded view of the world is that he’s just another scumbag politician trying to get the 2nd Amendment enthusiast’s support.  My speculation is now further supported in the fact he called that semi-auto AR-15 a “Machine gun”.  Does this guy not have any connections that he could have got an actual auto to do this properly? How does he expect to be president when he can’t even procure an actual machine gun to make a half decent video?  *smh*

MARPAT-Digital-BaconThe comments on YouTube are priceless as expected if you go ahead and click through haha.

To see someone actually do Machine gun bacon properly, click the link to check out this post I did in 2010 where someone wrapped some around a MG3 barrel and let loose.


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Top shot season 3 winner Dustin Ellermann does it:

Yup that’ll do.  Check out this cool 3D printed suppressor below, which his CLASS 2 SOT buddies made.

3D-Printed-SuppressorWow ahhaha.  I should have assumed that could be easily done.  Better ban plastic and 3d printers ASAP.  Or at least in states where the criminals can’t start their own businesses, get manufacturing licenses and print these.  Criminals love being above board with everything.

I expected more baffles.  That said, I don’t know anything about suppressor design. I just assumed if the length wasn’t needed for baffles they would just make it shorter rather than have an area for gas pressure to build up.  *shrug*

How long until they 3D print a suppressor out of bacon fat and eagle spit as the ‘merica bonding agent? Sign me up for the pre-order.



Mattv2099 with some operational science and DIY:

Mattv2099-ENDO-Builders-ClubOh if only taking a 12GA round of bacon directly to the throat wouldn’t be harmful to my general health.  

Matt is wearing the ENDO Apparel AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt.



Mattv2099 with a necessary component of an operator who operates in operations breakfast:

Damnit Matt I thought by now you’d know that you need to put foil around the bacon!  All your bacon barrel vids had the same outcome… the bacon falls off almost immediately as a result of the recoil, and the video becomes disappointing because it doesn’t cook as well as it could.  Like I always say “Operate Smarter, Not Harder”.

Mattv2099-OperatorMatt when’s this new girlfriend of yours going to join the YouTube trollture testing?  You know putting a girl in a gun video immediately will get you 10x the views right?  History also dictates that if said girl is in booty shorts the multiplier is several times higher (YOUTUBE MONEY! *cha ching*).  Food (pun intended) for thought. haha



Bacon-GrenadeThis isn’t the first bacon wrapped rifle barrel Mattv2099 has done.  What pisses me off is that the first video had the exact same issues as this one with the bacon coming unwrapped under recoil.  All he would have had to do is wrap the bacon with something like aluminum foil a few times and everything would have went smoothly.

If you check out Cooking Some Bacon – The Machine gun method you’ll see it done properly.

P.S. – Digital Bacon FTW!


Infidel approved.  Rosie O’Donnell is still on the fence though:

“I wish KA-BAR made a spoon” said no one ever… oh wait Mattv2099 did at 0:50

2:50 – haha that looked like Play-Doh coming out


I’m not really surprised that it didn’t work, considering how thick that grease became once it hardened.

I bet that smelled so delicious.  Matt’s mom is going to be pissed that he’s shooting all of her plates up.

Thoughts?  If you’re going to complain that his videos are “pointless” don’t bother… He’s not doing this for science, he’s doing it for fun. haha