ballistic gel

ahhaha the beautiful music:

The takeaway here, is that you definitely want to avoid getting hit by any of those.¬† The 40mm “Gatekeeper” is a whole other level ūüėā… when it hit the gel my eyes got larger and I pushed back into my seat.¬† Yikes.

Gel wobbling in slow motion is really beautiful.  Like a plastic bag in the wind.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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I need the gy6 diet and workout plan:

Who am I kidding, I’d probably take one look at the workout plan and break into a cheeto odored sweat.¬† G6 Andrew knows about working out and filmmaking enough though to get his swole on immediately before he hits record, just so you get the maximum vein pop.¬† He probably wouldn’t deny it, but he could try and I’d just be like “nah bro, it’s ok tho I’d do it too”.

I hadn’t seen a ballistic gel shot by tracer video before this one.¬† I’m surprised, because it’s pretty cool.¬† The best is when the round stops and just hovers in the gel shooting smoke and fire out like a cute lil rocket. ūüėÜ



Monicas Bullet Theory Films were in the lab cooking up:

Mother-Of-God-MemeFor those of you too young to remember the Bill Cosby Jello Jigglers commercial, there you go.

Fun fact… that crystal head bottle is from a Canadian vodka (crystal head vodka) founded by Dan Aykroyd. ¬† I saw the new Ghostbusters movie this weekend, and it was alright I guess. ¬†Holy, Kate McKinnon is so obnoxiously brutal in the movie, I could barely even handle it. Not nearly as good as the OG version. ¬†Dan Aykroyd made a brief appearance. ¬†That’s all I got.

Thoughts?  Does anyone actually hate slow motion footage?


Taofledermaus shoots ballistic gel at ballistic gel:

tyrone-green-tip-xm855Those Magnum ones worked way better, but still quite useless.

hahah 1:42 BAN GREEN TIPS!


Wtf Joerg really flies off the rails every now and then with a vid:

His wife must be *smh*’ing non stop around there haha.

3:06 – You had to smack it didn’t you Joerg?

I really hope ballistic gel companies don’t start releases asses. ¬†Although a “never nude” one that came with short jorts would be hilarious.

Joerg-SpraveIf you didn’t pucker it while watching the slow motion / listening to his description then you’re not human. :P

4:30 – Uggggghhhhhh didn’t he hurt¬†Dummesaulol¬†enough in that last video he did with them? ¬†That video was hard to watch for real. ¬†PS, why aren’t those girls in any of these new videos? ¬†That makes me think those girls may have been with the¬†Dummesaulol guys, and not actually Joerg’s daughters as I originally thirsty-guessed.



Taofledermaus contemplates diabetes or shooting at it:

giant-gummy-bearI would have taken shooting at it as well.  Well, I might have licked it once first. mmmmmm Red.

hahha all the talk about entry wound and wound channel.

Thoughts? Any of you guys ever do something similar? Gummy bears in the door panels on your car?