ballistic knives

Royal Nonesuch’s firearm related wheels are always turning:

He tells me that he did those preliminary sketches in his “Feminist Perspectives” class notebook.  Trying to impress some girl no doubt with his DIY skillz and sensitivity.

Looking up the definite legality of a lot of these things he does must be a nightmare.  Since he’s video taping it for the internet too, it would be pretty dumb to mess up and build / post something which was illegal, as he mentioned in the video.

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDO6:45 – Woot woot, he says he’ll do a series of build videos if he ends up building one.  I like watching those.

I sure hope he ramps up safety precautions for this video, and doesn’t just implement more joke ones like a rollerblading helmet and mini boat.  A flying knife would make for a messy wound if he’s not careful.

Thoughts?  Would encourage safety and applaud his love for DIY from the sidelines?