This is potentially too dangerous for this universe:

Mattv2099-ENDO-HatA .22 LR within a .410 within a 12 GA…. madness.  The fact you get triple the stopping power and velocity out of this is the best part. ;)

I’m really feeling that Pooh Bear paper mache (piñata?).  We’re lucky that after Matt’s degree in Applied science and applied trolling he actually is taking a pay cut to educate all of us.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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As #4 on their 12 must have things, in the FALL 2015 magazine supply drop:


ballistic-magazine-fall-2015-coverOooooooooh yeaaahhhhh.  You can check out the full list at Tactical-Life for a lot of other neat items too.

Ballistic is a really cool looking magazine… If you’re interested in a subscription check here for your options.

If you’re interested in an A2 flash hider bottle opener they are available at ENDO Apparel of course.


Herp de derp:

Holy that was one of the most painful videos I’ve ever had to sit through.  These “solutions” now are coming out of the woodwork so often.  I wonder if people are actually buying them?  The ballistic shield, the Minnesota shot blocker etc… I have no idea how much this Bodyguard blanket is, because their website is unsurprisingly a piece of shit.

If you feel like you want even less confidence in their product, try to make it through this test:

HE’S A DOCTOR GUYS!  Ballistic gel and armor material.

I’m torn on what to think about these things.  I couldn’t imagine having a kid and explaining to them that they might actually DIE at school if they don’t carry this fucking stupid looking blanket I bought him or her, and know how to use it properly. Additionally can you imagine being one of the only kids with a derp blanket? That’s a ticket to unlimited swirlies and wedgies. Anyone else think that “teacher” looks sus?



Hat tip: Rick


If you’re an operator you’re going to need these ballistic shields for your rifle when you operate in operations:





Available from X Armament… get them before they sell out! LOL

With the Level III protection flanking your precious face, you’ll pretty much be invincible to incoming fire.  If my calculations are correct (carry the one…. double check… yea they are correct) you’ll basically be able to leisurely stroll into a battlefield and pick off tangos with ease, all without getting a scratch on you.

Nothing says operator like having armor plates on your Ruger 10/22 (1st picture above).  Battles have been fought and won worldwide with that rifle, and will continue to be decades into the future.

I actually posted a Homemade Shielded Weapons System a while back which someone made for fun.  I didn’t think a company would actually start making and selling something similar.

Thoughts? Would operate with?

Hat tip: Dave


Two awesome slow motion videos.  First up a handgun and revolver:

I have seen tons of video and pictures of semi-autos fired underwater, so that was nothing new… a revolver though I had not seen fired underwater before, it was interesting!

Now the AK-47 and some science:

Monkey-AK47What the shit!? I don’t go to YouTube to learn!  I go to see guys fire .22LR through pancakes and to see people do unsafe things I can make fun of.  Just kidding… the info here is good and the video is worth watching.

I sure hope that’s not a pool someone normally swims in… that thing was filthy!


Hat tip: Krystian, Sean, Lee, Matt


Mattv2099 x DemolitionRanch:

Mattv2099-Pancake-PenetrationI thought I was on a different site other than YouTube for a minute at the starting of the video haha.  I was glad Mattv2099 didn’t join him in the bath.

I love that fact someone actually suggested this as a video they wanted to see… funny stuff.

So in other words pancakes will work as armor in a pinch :P  Sending the food to Africa is always a nice gesture.

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