It’s crazy how much better CCI Stinger is than the cheaper options.  As a person who basically only shot Remington 22 Thunderbolt and Winchester 555 white box, I splurged on some CCI Stingers one day and it was a completely different experience.


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VICE news takes a look:

Since it appears to be all firing pin indent related, it seems like one of those things which criminals could easily circumvent, if they weren’t so stupid / lazy.  I wonder if there’s any sort of unique signature made by when the casing expands in the firing chamber which they also can (or do) catalog?  I’m glad to hear the system is working for law enforcement.  It’s too bad the system costs around $250k (4:28).  For a big city I’m sure that’s nothing, but for smaller police departments that’s likely an insane amount of money to spend… not to mention the training needed.  There needs to be some sort of centralized office which just deals with entering casings into NIBIN.  Getting the casing evidence to that office by some sort of a secure courier a couple times per month maybe?  I’m sure people smarter than me have thought about all these things.

2:41 – haha imagine if that car backfired.  Miss Vest would have filled her pants.

I wonder if a lawyer has ever argued that just because the shell casings that were linked to his client’s gun were found at the scene, it doesn’t mean he committed the shooting.  The old “my client goes to the range lots and doesn’t police his brass” defense.  “HIS RIVALS SPRINKLED HIS CASINGS on THEIR CRIME SCENE your honor.  My client didn’t do NOTHING”. Haha probably has happened.



Oooooooo child:

haha damn, Andrew gets it done in this video.

1:25 – LOL double barrel 1911 in the mix for this test.  haha naturally the slow motion was scary.  That gun is really cool as a proof of concept.  I wonder how many of them they sell though?  Actually probably a lot.

2:55 – He didn’t lie when he said the S&W .500 would breath fire.  Turned his wrist to linguini.

3:29 – AR-15 looking like a little pea shooter in slow motion.

3:50 – Rappers be like “THAT DRACO… brrrap brrrap I hit em with that DRACO”.  Nice amount of fire from that short barrel too.

5:07 – Remington 870  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) .  OPENED UP A DAMN STARGATE on that one.

6:09 – Brace for a 3 hour rant about Audible haha. I wish YouTube was better at making these guys rich, so third party stuff didn’t have to come into play.



How effective of a bullet is Mario Bros. “Bullet Bill”?

Mario-Brothers-Ammo-Ammunition-Bullet-CartridgeA bullet the size of a small toddler.  All in all it was pretty interesting… wow this blog got real sciencey today. :P


Hat tip: Weerd


High speed low drag… literally:

Pretty useless video without any info along with it, but impressive to see the bullet penetrate 13 water jugs, a black plate of some sort and then a 14th jug behind it.

I’m confident in it’s ability to slay Great Whites next time I roll backwards out of an airplane over the pacific to start off some OP.  As long as they make them in .45 i’ll be happy.

PNW Arms is the manufacturer.  Their website is made to look professional, but is actually incredibly shitty in function and useful content.  I guess we’re supposed to care enough about this bullet / cartridge after today in order to come back again and again until they post more info on it. *eye roll*



An interesting talk that is definitely worth watching:

Every time I see one of these types of scientific videos where they talk about wounds, I realize how bad I never want to be shot.

The rifle v.s. handgun pictures he shows are especially frightening.

LOL at the zombie target joke at around 13:12.


  • Handguns are not as deadly as most people think.  6 out of 7 people survive their injuries
  • It’s impossible to assess injury severity at scene properly
  • There are often no exit wounds
  • Handguns have a very low penetration depth
  • Be concerned about airways
  • The most likely death is due to hemorrhage
  • Quick transport to OR is key

Moral of the story is that if you’re going to get shot you better hope it’s with a handgun.  On the flip side of that Clint Smith’s saying  “The only purpose for a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should have never laid down.” definitely holds true, because you’re going to want a rifle (if you have the option) to stop the threat.


Hat tip: Arthur