The gun store girl said it best – “you should have one, because you can have one”

3:15 – WTF… so this lady is apparently cool with guns, but buys into the whole the AR-15 serves no purpose other than killing people thing.. yea because banning the AR-15 would totally mean a nutcase just wouldn’t use a mini-14 or whatever else instead…. riiiiiiight.

Well, this little segment served its purpose… to make the AR seem scary but not compare it to the hundreds of other guns with a different name that shoot .223/5.56 or something more powerful.


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~1/2 a million bump stocks in the country… how many were turned in?

13:06 – Holy.. the surrender numbers were NOT looking good, if that data is indeed accurate.  Maybe the “MoLoN LaBe” crowd that I poke fun at is actually holding onto them? If so, that implies they give zero shits about the 3-5 years worth of prison time possession of an unregistered machine gun holds (I could have sworn the max sentence was 10 years, but the guy at 13:40 says 3 to 5 *shrug*).  “It’s a bold strategy Cotton, lets see if it pays off for em.”

One thing I’ve always wondered / didn’t like, about bans which turn people into overnight criminals is the potential for you to not even know something is banned.  Relying on word of mouth to keep yourself out of prison hardly seems fair.  If I wasn’t looking at gun related trash on the internet daily, I don’t know how else I would have found out about the ban considering I don’t read anything from fake news networks, or anything Trump talks about.

Another thing I’m curious about now is how much that affected Trump’s core support base.  I’ve already seen hardcore pro-Trump people minimizing it like “LOL whatever bumpstocks are dumb anyways.” which is a fair point, but if the stroke of a pen can make bumpstocks illegal, whose to say after the next shooting or two it will be decided that semi-autos in general are too dangerous for anyone that isn’t military or police?  That’s the road this could to be headed down.  Not good.

14:12 – “What I do know is that they (bumpstocks) will never be used again for mass murder.” -Former senator Ray Lesniak    Yikes 😬 it so cringy when people actually believe this type of thing – a law written down on a piece of paper says it’s not allowed, therefore the pubic can rest easy.



Mom’s Demand Action (Mom’s Who Want To Ban Everything) is now in a crusade against getting gun sales off Facebook:

So let me get this straight… law abiding citizens are LEGALLY advertising their guns for sale on a public forum and you have a problem with that?  *smh*  just move to the UK already moms.  They don’t allow pointy objects over there either, so you can focus your attention on banning something like pillows used for suffocation murders, or something else incredibly scary.

0:21 – “enough mags to take out a few presidents xD”.  Seriously?  Who says shit like that?

Are these moms aware that if someone were to sell their gun to a criminal who saw it on Facebook, that “law abiding” person would also be committing a serious felony?  So much derp.

Can you imagine the bricks that would be shit over my Like Button T-shirt?



The shiesty reverend testifies:

Deadly!  Ban them all for the sake of the children!  Only the police should have guns!

jackie-chan-mind-blownIt’s so great that background checks will stop criminals from getting guns.  Hearing that always gives me hope, and warms my heart.



Sometimes laws have to be made to protect us from ourselves:

Sometimes I feel like I have too much freedom… like at any moment I could snap drink 5 gallons of Coke, find out what exactly “trans fats” are and each a bunch of those… potato chips?  I know I could google, but that sounds like work right now because I’m left hand occupied elbow deep in a bowl of popcorn… wait does pre-buttered/salted popcorn have transfats? After all that I’d build an AR-15 on a whim.

FXhummel1-YouTube-Gun-SongsTactical Tunes will now never open for Kanye at Madison Square Garden.  It’s a shame…



Sturmgewehre tells us why:

Assault Weapons Ban T-ShirtA good summary of the whole mess.  I had not really followed this whole thing all that much because I hate listening to politicians talk as much as I hate assault weapons bans.  Sturmgewehre I’ll listen too though.