Mom’s Demand Action (Mom’s Who Want To Ban Everything) is now in a crusade against getting gun sales off Facebook:

So let me get this straight… law abiding citizens are LEGALLY advertising their guns for sale on a public forum and you have a problem with that?  *smh*  just move to the UK already moms.  They don’t allow pointy objects over there either, so you can focus your attention on banning something like pillows used for suffocation murders, or something else incredibly scary.

0:21 – “enough mags to take out a few presidents xD”.  Seriously?  Who says shit like that?

Are these moms aware that if someone were to sell their gun to a criminal who saw it on Facebook, that “law abiding” person would also be committing a serious felony?  So much derp.

Can you imagine the bricks that would be shit over my Like Button T-shirt?



The shiesty reverend testifies:

Deadly!  Ban them all for the sake of the children!  Only the police should have guns!

jackie-chan-mind-blownIt’s so great that background checks will stop criminals from getting guns.  Hearing that always gives me hope, and warms my heart.



Sometimes laws have to be made to protect us from ourselves:

Sometimes I feel like I have too much freedom… like at any moment I could snap drink 5 gallons of Coke, find out what exactly “trans fats” are and each a bunch of those… potato chips?  I know I could google, but that sounds like work right now because I’m left hand occupied elbow deep in a bowl of popcorn… wait does pre-buttered/salted popcorn have transfats? After all that I’d build an AR-15 on a whim.

FXhummel1-YouTube-Gun-SongsTactical Tunes will now never open for Kanye at Madison Square Garden.  It’s a shame…



Sturmgewehre tells us why:

Assault Weapons Ban T-ShirtA good summary of the whole mess.  I had not really followed this whole thing all that much because I hate listening to politicians talk as much as I hate assault weapons bans.  Sturmgewehre I’ll listen too though.



Jesse Ingall shows us how to do it if we can’t carry a firearm:


Remember when Colorado State Senator Jessie Ulibarri suggesting fighting active shooters with ballpoint pens?  Studies show that rapists are incredibly afraid of whistles too… so I see this setup being 100% effective in stopping a threat.


In use picture of the IWB setup as you can see.  Scary that he could just pull his shirt overtop and no one would ever know he had an assault pen and high decible assault whistle underneath.

Source – Ideas, Thoughts And Happenings



FXHummel1 and his wife get dynamic in this video:

Great song!  Looks like they had a blast making it.  Nice operator mohawk too.

California No Right To Bear Arms T-ShirtFX is wearing a VERY old version of the distressed California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt… the new one is WAY brighter as you can see in the pic.  Pick one up today over at ENDO Apparel.  XL’s will be back in stock next week.

Finally FX decided to upload this track to Bandcamp where you can download it!  Hopefully he does that with the rest of his songs as well.

Thoughts?  NRA employees… I know you read this blog, cut FXhummel1 a check to sing you a song!