Jesse Ingall shows us how to do it if we can’t carry a firearm:


Remember when Colorado State Senator Jessie Ulibarri suggesting fighting active shooters with ballpoint pens?  Studies show that rapists are incredibly afraid of whistles too… so I see this setup being 100% effective in stopping a threat.


In use picture of the IWB setup as you can see.  Scary that he could just pull his shirt overtop and no one would ever know he had an assault pen and high decible assault whistle underneath.

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FXHummel1 and his wife get dynamic in this video:

Great song!  Looks like they had a blast making it.  Nice operator mohawk too.

California No Right To Bear Arms T-ShirtFX is wearing a VERY old version of the distressed California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt… the new one is WAY brighter as you can see in the pic.  Pick one up today over at ENDO Apparel.  XL’s will be back in stock next week.

Finally FX decided to upload this track to Bandcamp where you can download it!  Hopefully he does that with the rest of his songs as well.

Thoughts?  NRA employees… I know you read this blog, cut FXhummel1 a check to sing you a song!


My two favorite people:

Piers-Morgan-Eyes-Closed-Mouth-Open-Ears-OffI don’t post all that much Piers stuff anymore, because frankly I’m sick of hearing his stupid voice.  He’s continuing to run his mouth and talk over everyone on his show though.



These guys don’t have FXhummel1 talent, but they get it done in their own way:

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackBan evil guns, and everything else that kills people.

Hat tip: JP


UHHHHHHNNN Turn my headphones up:

Rap-NewsKick in the door, waving the M4. <— I liked that line because Kick In The Door is one of my favorite B.I.G joints.  Most of the other lines were anti-gun and Alex Jones like though, so I’m not a big fan of the song.

Hat tip: Russell


This actually goes down differently than I expected:

The gun control talk starts at 2:22.  This is a textbook example though for two things… one if you’re famous you can get away (or off very light) with pretty much anything (see the details of his arrest NFA Items FTW!  Sentence: 1 year  haha and it wasn’t his first tango with the law…. what a joke), and secondly that criminals do not care what the law is and they are going to do what they want.

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackIf he wasn’t a felon, he’d make a decent spokesperson hahah.  “If the illegals have them, I think the legals MUST have them.”

4:52 – “I know how they play, cause I was playin with em” – T.I. on criminals with guns, and why we should be able to have “assault weapons”.

6:03 – Calling for making it more difficult for non criminals to get guns?  Huh… but you just said…

Rapper-TIJail talk starts up late into 6 minutes, and the whole time I was thinking “yea, as if you were in general population hahah… don’t even front.”… well he does claim at 7:45 he was in general population… so who knows.  I find it hard to believe they would put a 5’8″ loudmouth celebrity with millions of dollars and lots of enemies there, but I don’t know much about prison.


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