MrColionNoir schools weak ass politicians and the bullshit mainstream media:

hahah President Obama as the “Gang Banger of the United States”… that was gold. Well played.

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An example of why they should be banned:

Mattv2099-OperatorThe Cowwadoody headset and 1000 yard stare sealed the deal.  I wouldn’t think that headset would provide much hearing protection, but maybe he’s got plugs on underneath.

Blowing up food and drinks is always a good time.

Mattv2099 everyone… haha that was in my talkshow host voice. Ladies, he’s single and has lots of ammunition.


Videos like this are interesting, but I get more of a kick out of them when anon does funny things like hack websites that go against their beliefs.

Anonymous-LogoThat computer voice is very hard to listen to after the first couple minutes. :/


Hat tip: Paul, Miguel


Sturmgewehre takes a look:

The bill Democrats will introduce would limit magazines, belts, drums, feed strips and “similar device[s]” to 10 rounds of ammunition. It would allow people to hold on to the “large capacity ammunition feeding device[s]” that they currently own, but prohibit them from buying others or transferring the ones they have.

ClipMagazineLessonThe full story over at Huff Post.

Is it just my imagination, or are a lot of people actually now correctly calling magazines “magazines”… not “clips”?


MrColionNoir Takes a look:

When I saw the words “High Capacity” in the title I immediately checked the YouTube comments to see how many people were yelling at him for calling regular capacity “High Capacity”… turns out I didn’t see any haha.

My thoughts exactly on that “magic number” of 10 rounds… I’d love to hear the logic behind that number.

LOL “David Gregory wears makeup and has a spray on tan, and he was able to get his hands on an illegal magazine, so how hard to you think it would be for Pookie, Billy, Wid(?) and Jesus to get their hands on one if they wanted to?”

5.56x45mm T-ShirtMrColionNoir is wearing the 5.56x45mm t-shirt from ENDO.

On thing I wonder, is have these people that are pushing for 10 round magazines never heard of reloading?  Or is the next logical step just to make it harder to reload, such as the ridiculous California bullet button everywhere?



Tannerite is so awesome, one senator wants to make it more difficult to get:

Some highlights:

(0:55) – Ron Humbert of the metro bomb squad is “extremely nervous” because it could be used for something other than its intended purpose.  Yea Ron?  Do kitchen knives, gasoline, fertilizer, javex, plastic bags, lasers, vehicles etc… etc… also make you extremely nervous?

People blow this stuff out of proportion.  (1:46) – OMG THE BLAST DESTROYED THE WOOD it was placed on! Also this quote:

(2:00) – Dat explosion.  If you’re not scared by that, you’re not breathin’ -State Senator Jim Merritt

You can check out the full story over at WTHR13.

Bannerite Tannerite!  Actually please don’t.   Tannerite must love all the free publicity they have been getting over the years.  What more could a company ask for? The media demonizes your product, most of the people that see the fear piece think it’s awesome (not scary)… your two concerns become 1) How to supply the market with all the product it needs?  2) What should I do with all this money?


Hat tip: Les