This is cool:

1M views on the vid!  Crazy he was able to pull it off.  Here are a couple more videos where he makes a wood foregrip and an ejector… and then in the 3rd video shoots the thing:

Thoughts? I really like when someone does something different like this.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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PROOF Research is out here getting it:

preaching-to-choirGreat video, and looks like this company is on the right track.  Man they have a lot of expensive equipment, and it looks like you could eat off the floor in their facilities.  Is this company heavily investor venture capital backed?  I don’t know anyone who has one of their thousand dollar barrels and I haven’t heard their name before.  Regardless, I hope this stuff is as good as it sounds and that the success of the company ends up driving the price of their barrels down so they are put in everything.

3:06 – Did he just leak that they supply space shuttle door gunners with barrels?  Very exclusive.

5:39 – Ok ok they make regular steel barrels at all, and people have been winning competitions with them for the last 1.5 years.

You can check out the PROOF Research website.  I don’t see an explanation mark after PROOF like BLACKHAWK! has, but since it’s in all caps I feel like it’s yelling at me.  Chill PROOF, why you gotta be like like?  What’s wrong with just Proof, unless PROOF is an acronym?

Thoughts?  You down with throwing carbon fiber on EVERYthang because ounces equal pounds?  Do you actively shit on the idea of carbon fiber and use the excuse that you “could use that money for training”? haha


This isn’t pretty but it appears to have worked:

Home-Barrel-RiflingCool.  Royal Nonesuch; take notes.  This guy is out-Royal-Nonesuch’ing you at your own game. :P

What kind of sus coil did this man make at the beginning?  Is he bootlegging liquor in his spare time? haha either way it’s a damn nice coil. I skipped through his “making of” video on his page, and it’s really neat how it fills the copper tube up with liquid parafin wax before he bends it. I like this guy’s style. haha nm.. actually he did make a distiller as shown in this video. This guy has some cool talents. 10/10 – would party with.

Thoughts?  This guy needs to accuracy test one of his barrels vs smooth bore.  I’d like to see the results!


By curving the barrel:

Here’s how they bend the barrel in Adam’s sword forge.  LOL only Adam would have a sword forge… dude has so many hobbies, interests, and lots of money to match:


Interesting that the 45 degree barrel speed and the 90 degree barrel speed was the same.  Or is that not interesting?  Sometimes I think I forget all the university physics I took in order to make way for other stuff, so simple things that impress me probably shouldn’t.

Gat tip: Say Uncle


Demolition Ranch does a test:

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Selector-SwitchNeither barrels have any choke.  Interesting results.  I suppose the explantation is the centrifugal force is spinning the shot inside the barrel, then when it gets out it has all that momentum and spins out of the wad.  Rather than in a smooth bore the only force is pushing it forward… no spin.  Too unpredictable for home defense if you ask me.



SPEED HOLES.  Relax and take notes:




Yup that’s how it’s done.  Some people *smfh*

Gat tip: SayUncle