I’m always down for a factory tour:

Yea yea it’s Yeager, which I know some of you guys are going to be upset about and not watch because of that.  I don’t really pay much attention to his videos anymore because they aren’t like they used to be.  I still click around on the videos, but most of them are trying to sell something, are overly/comically intellectual, or contain any one of his buddies who I almost always find annoying.  Yea I miss the old Yeager… when I say that I’m talking photographers down range, duel contract, calling Instructor Zero a clown, will kill anyone who tries to take his guns etc.. James Yeager.   For his own physical and mental wellbeing, and in order to stay out of prison I think this current Yeager version is probably a good choice.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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thai-custom-barrett-computer-casehahahha whoa he went full Tactical-THAI on this one.  So heavy he can’t even shoulder it!  Does he want US Citizenship?  Because that’s how you get US citizenship :P


Gat tip: Kingof9x


Arts and crafts in Japan:

Wow right?  I really hope this is a class at a Japanese university, where students are being taught to make these.

1:17 – Comparing real .50 BMG brass to his cardboard version.

9:35 – Demonstration then crowd reaction.  LOL reminds me of the Supa Hot Fire dope lines reaction.  AHHAHA.

Domo Arigato Monicas.  Your contribution to the culture is much appreciated.

Cardboard-Barrett-M82A1P.S. – If you turn on subtitles, then do an auto translation to English some of them are hilarious.  I’ll warn you that absolutely none of them make sense in this case.  LOL 4:07 – “It is preoccupied face down acceleration”.

Gat tip: Kei


They should have never gave Richard money.  He doesn’t appreciate shit:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-ShirtThat’s actually a really cool shot.  hahah he only only wrecked one 870… but also a second one.

So in conclusion, Richard is basically Michael Bloomberg with a straw hat :( :P.



Richard Ryan is a savage and habitual line stepper:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-Shirt1:11 – I could feel my heart sinking and my muscles tensing up, bracing for the impact.

1:58 – :(  Well at least it wasn’t a G17 or G19.

They should have never gave Richard money… he doesn’t know how to appreciate shit. :P


Old habits die hard. Another iPhone another destruction vid:

ManateeI hope Richard still ca$hes in on these videos, after all these years.  Those phones are not cheap.  Even if he made $0 though, seeing all the butthurt comments would be payment enough.  I hope sometime he just snaps and blows a few hundred grand on a car sometime and fills it full of binary explosives and plastic explosives, then shoots it inside a tank full of manatee’s.  Something that absurd and ignorant would be an instant payday.  Manatees are so beloved, it would be like Cecil the lion outrage x1,000,000.  I’m not saying I am fond of the idea from a moral standpoint, but see what I’m saying… I’m surprised my hotline isn’t bling’ing non stop for troll video ideas.  I’m sure it could somehow be spun that by killing the manatees Richard was actually SAVING them.  I still can’t really 100% wrap my mind around killing something which already has limited numbers for conservation purposes, but that’s why I let people animal-smarter than me make those decisions.