Richard Ryan the squire of Barrettville puts in work:

Richard-Ryan-Keep-Calm-ENDO3:20 – Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh.  It’s like he threw it at a blender.

Yea there is an obvious difference in the slow motion footage that comes from all those cameras.  The RED Epic is surprisingly crappier than I thought it would be.



Richard Ryan gets it done, making fanboys cry in the process:

I’m actually surprised it held up so well to some of those torture tests he did at the start.


2:42 – First shot facing him was really nice and clean.  I guess everything is so tightly packed in those phones now that it’s basically like shooting a solid block.

2:57 – Holy, that shot of it on edge absolutely annihilated it.



Binary explosives ftw!

American-FlagGetting .50 BMG was probably the best thing Jerry ever did for YouTube views.  Well, that and happening to be able to shoot accurately at the speed of light.

 Maybe eventually Jerry will start doing Mattv2099 style 360 no-scopes with that thing?



I was impressed by the first Barrett .50 BMG vid of his I posted… this one blew my mind.

hahah I like his laugh.  It rivals Joerg Sprave, crazy slingshot guy’s laugh.

Sniper-Jesus-50-Caliber-Barrett-RifleJerry must have a hell of a solid shoulder.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?


Richard Ryan and iJustine shoot an oldschool iMac:

Realtree camo spandex top and bottom paired with a stylish tan military inspired jacket?  ENDO Approved.  iJustine knows what’s up.  Wow.. 1.68 million subscribers to her channel!  That’s nuts, well she definitely works hard and deserves every bit of success!

Barrett MRAD… nice choice!  Can’t go wrong with the HK MP7 as well, even though it is far too dangerous for civilians.

Pretty crazy that the bullet didn’t go right thorough.  Fragmenting though I guess like Richard ends up saying in the Behind the scenes video below.

They talk behind the scenes:

iJustine-YouTubeRichard Ryan is of course wearing the ENDO Apparel 5.56x45mm t-shirt in the behind the scenes video.

Thoughts?  Who would you rather go shooting with, Richard Ryan or iJustine?  What about if all iJustine talked about is how much she likes Hi-Points, and how the Kel-Tec KSG is the best shotgun ever?


Ryan Cleckner former Army range / sniper team leader:

hahah wow.  1 shot, 9 witnesses, and video footage to prove it.

That’s how you give your students confidence in your ability as an instructor.  I think Colby pooped his pants a little with excitement at the end of the video.  

Texas-Triggers-LogoAnyone ever pull of a nice shot like that with a .50?

Hat tip: Jay, Joshua