Leeland-Yee-De-Leon-Ghost-Gun-PalsManufacturing and selling in mass quantities?  345 guns seized in one case!  Legit serial numbered lowers are under $100, so obviously the criminal element were the customers.  If they are doing something illegal with it, it’s not like they care that it has a serial number or not on it anyway… this just made it easier to get because they wouldn’t have to get a stolen one etc…  I just don’t understand how the guy(s) at the Sacramento machine shop they busted could have thought this was a good idea in any capacity.  Probably just are so dumb, they thought they were too smart to get caught is my guess.


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A recent video put out by an anti-gun group GunWar:

haha how poorly done.  Not only does the one narrator suck, but as weer’d mentioned in his post they got their “facts” completely wrong.  The ATF allowed these straw purchases to happen because they wanted to track the guns to high level traffickers and key figures in the Mexican cartels.  So much for the scary part of the video.

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