Ahhhhhh gross:

I can’t even imagine any possible circumstance where I would see that as an acceptable thing to do.  This also confirms my worst fears when buying a used gun.  Clean it inside and out with solvent… you never know, maybe the last owner didn’t do this but instead set it on top of a skid mark in his underwear? haha

Remember when someone made the Number Two holster? *face palm*… yea I was trying to forget as well.


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Jimmy Kimmel got a hold of a exclusive video:

Police-forget-gun-bathroomMeh, mildly funny but predictable.  Seemed like they needed something to fill time.

Police do seem to have a problem forgetting their guns in bathrooms from time to time though.  I just quit talking about stories like that because they aren’t at all interesting.


MrColionNoir‘s second vid in 3 days! I hope this pace keeps up:

I still think it’s gross to remove your gun and set it down in a bathroom on a shelf.  I just assume people have shit on absolutely everything in every bathroom besides my home ones.  The only way I would take my gun off and set it on a shelf was if I created a buffer zone between the shelf and the gun with about a 1/2″ of toilet paper.  Am I the only one this weird?  Don’t even tell me any of your guys actually bought the POS Bathroom holster?.

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Serious bathroom business calls for serious privacy.

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If you’re a bad guy, ass-seeking hydrodynamic bullets could be the death of you.

Talk about really putting the ASS in Assassination. :P