This M&P guy kicks it oldschool:

I read the bible verse and wondered if it has any actual batman connection, or if the guy just liked the verse.  Sure enough I googled it and someone wrote an article called What do Isaiah And Batman Have In Common? haha wow I should have known that would exist.  I didn’t even want to google “Isaiah M&P and Multicam Fabric”.

I wonder if he watched the how to install a backstrap video before attempting that feat? 😏


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Hey man, nice shot:

haha good shot.  Besides climbing up a wall Batman & Robin style, this is the next best use for these things.

haha typing x products into google, the first suggestion is “x product anti gun”.  Looks like one of the shit head owners of that company said that he believes “gun ownership is a privilege” and some more about gun owner licensing etc.. naturally that blew right up in his face and there was the standard statements released consisting of backpedaling etc.. You can google it if you care, it’s pretty standard but funny.



My expectations for this video were greatly exceeded:

Batman-War-Soldier-OldLOL @ the Guinness Book of World Records though… “MOST FUNCTIONAL GADGETS IN A COSPLAY SUIT”… am I being trolled?  Is that a real record that’s on file?  I grew up in a time were records were like “Longest finger nails” and “largest pizza”.  Can the Guinness book be convinced to create a record for anything now?


In an upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight video game:

Batman-2nd-AmendmentApparently it’s also in the Batman: Arkham City video game released in 2011.  I don’t ever remember seeing the anti-gun gun in movies, but correct me if I’m wrong.

Was Batman not always anti-gun?  The picture I used for this post is a scan from a comic book, but I’m wondering if there is a reason he has a gun in the context of the story. Doing a google image search for “batman gun” shows numerous instances where he in fact seems to embrace guns in various comics. Some of it actually appears to be fan art.

I’d be slipping if I didn’t say the GameSpot host is cute.



Basement tested, over protective mom / cheeto purchasing lady approved:

When I heard 1/4″ KYDEX I let out a *PFFFFFFFFFFFFttttttttttt* of epic proportions.  This suit is going to get some kid killed.  Batman can deflect bullets… 1/4″ kydex would end up with a real nice hole in it even with the smallest caliber. He actually does only say “bladed weapons” in the above video though.  Best case scenario I see guys getting their asses handed to them while wearing this suit + some restraining orders from some “damsels in distress” they were trying to help.  Ya not rapey at all to have a guy in a batsuit approach you and ask if you need help with your bags in a fake gruff Batman voice… *smh*

Dude is so gassed off his Batman type moves in the vid, it’s fun to watch. Seeing his hair move in slow motion after getting hit with the pipe in the secondary test video is entertaining too haha.

Batman-2nd-AmendmentOh thank god… I searched for the Kickstarter project fully expecting basement dwellers to have thrown like $5Million dollars at this project, but apparently there is some common sense in the world because he only raised $1255.

Thoughts?  Don’t lick the cheeto dust off your fingers and go for that credit card just yet… only the mask is avaible to purchase, not the full suit.  You can read more about the project over at the Armatus Designs website.


You crazy for this one Jay:

Damn that thing is MEAN!  Impressive specs too… you guys have to watch the video if you like Batman or cars at all.

Jay Leno has great connections in the car world… crazy stuff.  I wouldn’t be surprised if just for kicks Jay purchases one.  Pfffft at 5:15 the guys says it cost somewhere between $500k and $1M … big deal Jay has Bugatti worth more than that, and probably spends more than that on jean shirts every year.

2:55 – The Chicago PD should pick some up for rolling through the hood.

7:10 – Holy the interior looks rough!  I should have expected it wasn’t going to be leather and wood though… purpose built obviously.


I didn’t see the twin machine guns… weak.  haha