Christian Bale is the Goddamn Batman and also “the” man:

Bale spent about two-and-a-half hours at the Medical Center of Aurora, Bill Voloch, the interim president of the facility, told the Denver Post, adding that he met with five people being treated there and two others brought in from another hospital.

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What’s also really awesome is that Christian Bale is seemingly staying out of the whole gun control argument.  You know he’s been asked a million times what he thought in the last few days…

On another note, LOL @ James Holmes that piece of shit… I can’t wait until he goes full-sideshow-bob and gets dreads in that mop.  It’s too bad they won’t throw him into general population and let the wolves deal with him. I’d rather see that than the wimpy death penalty.



Yea this should be good:

I’m a sucker for Batman movies.   I actually like Christian bale as Batman too, he plays the part well.

Always a fair amount of gunplay in these movies. The incredible CGI doesn’t hurt either!

Thoughts on this one?  Better than G.I. Joe I assume? haha

Too bad we have to wait until Summer 2012.


The Joker called… LOL

Actually I don’t even know if that’s a real gun… looks heavily modified but possibly legit to me.  Opinions anyone?

The Joker’s revolver is a modifed S&W 15-3

Video HERE if you want to watch the scene.   It’s hilarious looking back to see how bad the special effects were, and how fake the miniatures looked.

Hat tip: Casatic


Located on the U.S. Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan

Link to the map – HERE

I always considered Batman to be more of a “skunkworks” kind of guy. Whatever pays the bills though I guess… the batcave must be a bitch to keep warm in the winter.


An interesting project by Indonesian artist Agan Harahap.

The full gallery with 12 more pictures – HERE

They are all pretty awesome, I had trouble deciding on which one to use in this post.


I guess Batman must have special New York City (Gotham City) weapon privileges because he is a celebrity.

Lots More pictures of Batman with various guns over at Silver Age Comics

Also If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight by now.. you’re slackin.  Buy it HERE for Cheap