BatteryClip. The power to power things, not to kill.  Not YET anyway:


Similar in function to an ammunition magazine or “clip”, The BatteryClip not only organizes and protects batteries from dirt and accidental discharge, it assures that fresh batteries are available in an instant.

$25 each over at the BatteryClip website.  They come in AA, 9 Volt, and soon AAA versions.  I’m unsure if they will release reduced capacity versions for the less friendly states.

Holy, does everything have to have a gun related solution?  I was going to make more fun of the idea of this, but then I realized that just the other day I needed batteries again for my Apple Keyboard (Yes this happens often because I spend like 20 hours a day on the computer eating Cheetos and trolling the internet) and I cut my thumb knuckle on the sharp edge of my Costco Kirkland blisterpack full of batteries.  It was a rough day which will go down in blogging history my friends #NeverForget. A battery clip in my life will no doubt prevent future tragedies.

I’m just really hoping someone takes advantage of this whole “battery clip” (magazine) idea and makes a gun to fire the batteries.  The clips (magazines) even fit in standard rifle mag pouches… how operator is that?!


Hat tip: Adam


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A steal of a deal can be found at Optics Planet, as you can see below:

Link to “sale” – HERE

$18,247 is a heck of a savings… so nice of them to optionally bundle one flashlight with the package for only $59.99 extra :lol:

Something tells me that if you purchased that many batteries at once you’d be put on some type of watch list and guys in suits would show up for an investigation.  Hopefully they would leave after you told them you were afraid of the dark, and didn’t want to risk running out of batteries for your EOtech or your one new SureFire G2.