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Interesting guy, interesting story.  Definitely worth watching if you have a spare 25 minutes.

There is a new-ish trailer I had not seen out for the movie Lone Survivor as well:

Lone-Survivor-PosterLooks like it should be pretty good.  I know there was a lot of initial hate because Marky Mark is playing him.



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Not For those with a weak stomach. Everyone else, fire up in 1080p:

The trailer if you haven’t already seen it:

This movie is in theaters now, and from what I’m told it sounds like it’s really badass.

Good use of La Roux – In For The Kill in the trailer video.

Anyone else want to throw a confirmation of badassness in?

Hat tip: Nathan


You have to make the back story up for this one in your head:

I like that it has a dark twist to it… most fake gun battles are sickeningly playful.

NERF Mortars huh?  *madly scribbles it on to do list*

Before making a video with toy guns, people should learn a thing or two from the Kids, Guns & Special Effects music video I posted about earlier in the year.  To date, that is the most epic video of such a type that i’ve come across.


Reminded me a bit of the Matrix Acapella Gun Sounds Lobby Scene.   This video is much more awesome though, and it’s evident they had a lot of fun doing it by the looks of the behind the scenes video.

If you like what you see, subscribe to their YouTube Channel – OurVanillaWorld


This is pretty awesome:

The guy in the video (ShayCarl) has an epic beard.  It’s unconfirmed whether or not he operates in operations, but with a beard like that my guess is that he does.

Hat tip – Bryan


What an awesome idea.  Perfectly executed too.

Hat tip: Dillankid