Holyyyyyyyy these graphics.  Check out the trailer:

Just in case you assumed you were getting tricked by the trailer being all awesome but the gameplay sucking… think again.  Here’s 10 min of gameplay footage:



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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A preview of the amazing gameplay in Battlefield 4:

Battlefield-4Incredible. That will get your heart rate up!  The game is available for pre-order, but won’t ship until Dec 31, 2013!  Why anyone would pre-order a game that far in advance is beyond me.  It’s not like there are going to be a limited number of discs made heh.

Thoughts?  I always forget, am I supposed to hate Battlefield and love COD?  Hate them both?  I can’t keep up with games.


Oh if only…

If you’re not familiar, make sure to check out the Google Glasses project and search to see pics of the glasses.   I like the concept of the video, but I really think they could have incorporated more google glasses features into it.

That would really give me a reason to find some time to play video games, and also a reason to wear those ridiculous google (prototype) glasses.

When I saw Battlefield 5 in the title, I thought I might have missed a Battlefield somewhere… sure enough we are still only on Battlefield 3.

Well until that comes out at least I still have a Battlefield 3 – 360 Degree FPS Simulator to keep me busy.   (I wish)

Hat tip: Raeshawn


From Freddiew and Corridor Digital:

I really need to stop posting videos about games I know nothing about.   I can appreciate both these videos for the cool videography, but besides that they both seem incredibly useless to me.

I think Freddiew realized that no matter what he does, it will get 1 Million views within a few days subsequently making him thousands of dollars in advertising revenue. Why even bother coming up with lots of unique new ideas when you’re getting money thrown at you for boring videos? Best to save the good ideas and use them every so often.

Hat tip: Kevin W.



Telecommunications professor Steven Grant stands in the middle of a 64-speaker surround-sound audio battlefield in Rolla, Mo., Friday, Feb. 18, 2011. In an effort to help prepare troops for combat’s auditory assault, researchers are turning a nearby warehouse into a surround-sound audio battlefield that they hope military trainers could soon use.

Full story – HERE

Seems like a great idea. On a side note, if I was starting a death metal band i’d call it “Audio Battlefield”.