BB Gun

This is what people get outraged over in Canada:

Canadian-Kid-With-BB-GunFacebook cracks me up.  I’m really not looking forward to the day where Instagram is also taken over by old people.  That’s the internet cycle of life though… cool teens make it popular then old people ruin it.

0:40 – “Pew noises” haha

1:15 – “We will teach him how to shoot.  Absolutely.”  Nice.

If you care to waste your time by reading actual words on the screen about this “incident” check out this article.


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So much about this isn’t right:

My favorite parts:

  • His “Glock” looks more like a 1911
  • Throughout the video How he keeps saying “it’s a real gun”
  • Make sure the safety is on (00:35) while pointing gun at his own face
  • “This is for my forehead in case it ricochets and hits me” (2:35)
  • Gets startled and drops gun: “you have to understand that the first shot is always really powerful”  (3:15)
  • The gun is so powerful, but i’m going to wave it at the camera man anyway (4:25)
  • This kid is a stone cold killer (4:55)

Note: I need to remember that forehead safety googles technique when I’m at the range next time.

School must be rough for this kid.  Why bother bringing more ridicule by posting vids of yourself on the internet?

At 15 seconds he does sound somewhat normal… master troll perhaps?




*Click the picture to load the animated gif

I said it before.. but that kid really creeps me out.

You can see him looking creepy with an AR-15 – HERE

According to Ed in the comments:

That’s an AK74, or 100 series.
Magazine curve is wrong for 7.62 x 39mm.


I always enjoy when a gun gets unexpectedly worked into the story line of a favorite show:

ABC’s Modern Family is definitely on my short list of all time favorite sitcoms. I don’t want to spoil the episode (S02E08) for you… but lets just say Manny reminisces about his lost childhood and gets a BB gun as one of his gifts, and it makes a few appearances.

If you need to catch up on episodes, the season 1 DVD set is only $20 – HERE

Or you can watch all the episodes from both seasons online:

  • Standard Definition (SD) – HERE
  • High Definition (HD) – HERE

The pilot episode is free on those links, so at least check that out!