And interesting look at firearm owners in the UK:

British-Simpsons-Tea-Spit“There are more than 700,000 firearm owners in Britain, and nearly 2 million guns.”  I never would have guessed.  Pretty sad that law abiding people don’t have the freedom to do what they want there.

2:54 – British Calen with the deagle brand deagle!  Monica.  Here’s his YouTube channel if you want to check him out.

3:35 – “Probably offer you a cup of tea and try and figure out what was actually up”.  hahha this guy is so British, it’s great.

4:03 – “See this… this looks like a proper machine gun.  This looks like it could do some damage” says while holding a bolt action hunting rifle with a scope *facepalm*

7:12 – When asked if he subscribes to the philosophy “we don’t call 911” Calen looks disgusted… “Uh no, it’s from a different culture (US Culture implied)”.

11:24 – Victoria runs an all female gun club.  My reaction was the post thumbnail.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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$330 from Billionaire Boys Club (BBC)

I’m a bit disappointed that Jay-z didn’t have a dump pouch on there filled with diamonds, and ground up unicorn horns.

I’m not a fan of the jacket.  It almost looks like something a fireman would wear.  I’ll take that $2000 Givenchy leather hoodie he’s wearing underneath it though.

Did I fail and call this PALS when it’s actually MOLLE?  I think I got it figured out now… PALS is the strips of webbing, and MOLLE is the whole system.

I do like military inspired clothing, as long as it’s tasteful.


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Combining a couple of my favorite things: expensive foreign vehicles and shooting:

Those guys sure know how to have a good time.   Shooting from the Ferrari window was awesome and all, the Porsche was cool too, but then Jeremy Clarkson shoots the AR-15 out of the Mercedes SLS.  They were right.. gullwing doors are made for drive-bys!

Hat tip: Jon Y.