Someone needs to step their tactical hot dog game up:


Pfft only 1 rail?  A cheap-ass laser / red dot combo? … The flashlight looks like a Surefire I own, so that’s operator and gets a pass.

I want to see a Nightforce scope, Trijicon red dot canted side mount, quad rail, Surefire pressure switch light with pressure switch tucked inside the bun, M203 grenade launcher (filled with explosive ketchup loads), back up iron sites canted, iPhone mounted with ballistics app… Oh I could go on and on.  Oh and the hotdog has to be premium inside a brioche bun with artisan ketchup.


Hat tip: SayUncle


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Allows you to customize your BBQ / Grilling tactical loadout:

Tactical-Grilling-Apron-1Tactical-Grilling-Apron-2Not bad… not bad.  Just make sure you don’t don’t use any assault seasonings that aren’t legal in your state unless you want your dog shot.

$35 over at ThinkGeek.  It doesn’t look like the greatest quality, but probably would still be worth the money for a fun gift.


Hat tip: Alan, John


A much needed wheel gun for your ketchup and mustard:

I honestly can’t count the number of times a day I say to myself “this could be re-done in a firearm related way”.  I think i’ll hold off on buying this though until they come out with a semi-automatic or automatic condiment condiment gun.

Pick yours up today at Amazon for $13.95.

Hat tip: Alex