This is an awesome video / story:

Zoolander-Travis-HaleyI was working on some stuff tonight and I see an email come though from Jerry with the title “12 minutes of Travis Haley’s flawless skin”.  In the message itself, not much besides the tip to “Watch in 1080p for up-close flawless pores.”.  Hahah you guys know me too well.  I felt so cheated that the introspective Affliction art video he made was dimly lit with bad angles… but Travis delivered on this one.

I’m curious if he gets residuals off anything MAGPUL related.

Good American, good businessman, flawless skin, hardworking, seems like a great guy.  What’s not to like?

10/10 would operate with.

Gat tip: Jerry

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Bravo-Company-Paul-BuffoniDown to earth guy, who takes a lot of pride in his company and products.  Good stuff, I like the direction he’s taking the company too.  I have a BCM upper which meets my needs (meaning in my case that it hasn’t failed due to cheeto dust off my hands when I pick the rifle up to play with it occasionally).

If you aren’t familiar with Bravo Company make sure to check out their website.  They have lots of parts and accessories in stock, at good prices.

9:48 – Is LAV not associated at all with Daniel Defense anymore?  If he isn’t, is there a good story I should know?



Rob from TacticalYellowVisor.net has a few great comparison charts that he was kind enough to make public.

These charts cover all major brands, and should make it a lot easier to narrow down your next purchase based on your wants and needs.


Although these charts seem to be updated from time to time, they may not be right up to the current date.  They are meant as a guide, so do your own due diligence when finally deciding what to purchase.