hahahha this is amazing:

Abe-Lincoln-Riding-Grizzly-Bear-Holding-GunThat bear gives precisely -53 shits.   I can’t say by watching the video if she had enough throw on that pepper spray to actually hit the bear, but regardless it goes to show that yelling and pepper spray probably are not your best only line of defense if you encounter a bear and you want to stay alive.  I bet a loud gun shot would have had that bear in the woods quickly.  Who knows what the rules in “Berg Bay, Alaska” are though… maybe she would have had the police up her ass if she discharged a firearm to scare the bear in order to save her kayak?  Warning shot or not, that definitely won’t go over well in many places even when dealing with wildlife.

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Check these guys out:


From the Seattle Art Fair!  Pic from @dandrewes.

If I had one critique, I wouldn’t have made the bear on the right have such ridiculous .50 BMG fangs.  I’m tempted to try making something like that myself, but I fear my 3d sculpture skills aren’t that advanced I’d probably end up with something that looked like a snake rat combo.

Thoughts?  Would pretentiously place in your own domicile, and make up an alternate deep arsty meaning for the piece?



The artist’s DeviantArt page with full resolution version – HERE


These flags work on so many levels:

(Click the picture as usual to enlarge)

As long as the 2nd amendment keeps getting stomped on in CA, people should be flying one of these flags instead.

It’s subtle, so the hippies probably wouldn’t get it. That on its own would be great.

Thanks to commenter Aleksandr Mravinsky, for flag #2.


Teddy bear zombies, gore and guns…

The handgun comes out at around 2 minutes.


It’s pretty damn funny when internet memes crossover into real life and people don’t get them.

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department issued a serious warning about pedobear last week:

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