If you’re not training for this my dude, you’re jus not training hard enough:

bee-operatorAK guys bee like “LOL, wouldn’t jam mine.  ARs, heh.”.

I put the speed at 0.25x hit my ENHANCE button and tried to pinpoint the exact time stamp which the bee flew in.  Couldn’t see it.  I’ll send it to the lab and get them to enhance it even more, and report back if I find anything.

Mattv2099 needs to do a bee hive trollture test to debunk if this was a perfect storm type scenario or something that would cause a FTF time and time again.


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A sheriff’s deputy in Lake County, Colo., has been placed on one week of unpaid leave after reportedly using a Taser gun on 30 students at a Lake County High School career fair Thursday.

While the Taser is used by officers to aid in the arrest process, Holte said, its effects are not severe. “It’s similar to being stung twice by a bee,” he said.

However, one of the students “tased” by Ortega was taken to the hospital and treated for welts on the skin.

Full Story – HERE

Similar to being stung by a bee?! I haven’t been tasered myself, but I’ve seen plenty demonstrations of it and it looks far more painful than being stung by a bee.  Last time I checked, bee stings couldn’t take down a 250 lb. physically fit young adult.

The fact that one student had to go to the hospital to be treated for welts isn’t good either.

Have any of you guys ever been shot with a taser?