Heh. The concept is nothing new, but this method is something I’ve never seen before:

You can always count on guys to come up with creative ways to open a beer.¬† It doesn’t matter if the Sam Adams has a twist cap… you gotta open it with finesse.¬† I choose to go the safer boring route of using my .50 BMG bottle opener (the one I used to sell).



Why not?  A funny ad they made up to sell the thing:

charlie-daniels“Hell even give it to the NAVY. ¬†The SEALS could use it to keep their Zima’s warm while they write their next book” <—– OHHHHHHH SHOTS FIRED haha.

$15 for the Beer Bivy at Armageddon Gear.


Richard Ryan deads some Natty Ice:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-ShirtNo gimmicks, just lead to brews.  As usual, everything looks better in slow motion.  hahah at the chainsaw grip Mossberg derp gauge.

The US government should waterboard¬†terrorists with hot Natty Ice… they would give up all their secrets.



Taofledermaus opened a beer with an SKS a few days ago, now in this video he tries the same with a shotgun:

Yea as you can see the shotgun didn’t work :/¬†I don’t recall him saying if he used shot or slugs,¬†but I wonder if one would work better over the other? ¬†Taofledermaus I know you stop by and comment here… let us know!

Costco-Kirkland-Rile-Ammo-Bulk-PackSpeaking of beer, I haven’t had one in a while but I have a few dozen on hand. ¬†All I seem to drink is homemade iced tea now.



Grab SKS, grab beer, go inna woods, open beer with SKS:

Taofledermaus is what the game made him, not what the fame made him.  Ideas like this will keep blasting his subscriber count up and up.

Costco-Kirkland-Rile-Ammo-Bulk-PackAll they need are Kirkland jeans, polos, and leather sandals.  3 dudes in matching Kirkland fits?  More like Twerkland right?  Looking like a boss though, in head-to-toe Costco (LOL those lines killed me on S04E03 of Workaholics)



Richard Ryan Barrettizes some alcohol:

Told-That-Teacher-Crayons-Memehahah Budweiser + Detcord = ‘MERICA. ¬†Vaporized Bud, that couldn’t have smelled that great.