The bRuthers LIVE for this type of thing:

You or a bruther you know can pick one up on Amazon for $99.  Naturally, it’s patent pending, and the base is made out of rich mahogany.

It would drive me nuts that it’s not an actual copy of any particular gun.  It sort of resembles an AK I guess… still, not a fan of the execution.

Gat tip: Luis

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Heh. The concept is nothing new, but this method is something I’ve never seen before:

You can always count on guys to come up with creative ways to open a beer.  It doesn’t matter if the Sam Adams has a twist cap… you gotta open it with finesse.  I choose to go the safer boring route of using my .50 BMG bottle opener (the one I used to sell).



Why not?  A funny ad they made up to sell the thing:

charlie-daniels“Hell even give it to the NAVY.  The SEALS could use it to keep their Zima’s warm while they write their next book” <—– OHHHHHHH SHOTS FIRED haha.

$15 for the Beer Bivy at Armageddon Gear.


Richard Ryan deads some Natty Ice:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-ShirtNo gimmicks, just lead to brews.  As usual, everything looks better in slow motion.  hahah at the chainsaw grip Mossberg derp gauge.

The US government should waterboard terrorists with hot Natty Ice… they would give up all their secrets.



Taofledermaus opened a beer with an SKS a few days ago, now in this video he tries the same with a shotgun:

Yea as you can see the shotgun didn’t work :/ I don’t recall him saying if he used shot or slugs, but I wonder if one would work better over the other?  Taofledermaus I know you stop by and comment here… let us know!

Costco-Kirkland-Rile-Ammo-Bulk-PackSpeaking of beer, I haven’t had one in a while but I have a few dozen on hand.  All I seem to drink is homemade iced tea now.



Grab SKS, grab beer, go inna woods, open beer with SKS:

Taofledermaus is what the game made him, not what the fame made him.  Ideas like this will keep blasting his subscriber count up and up.

Costco-Kirkland-Rile-Ammo-Bulk-PackAll they need are Kirkland jeans, polos, and leather sandals.  3 dudes in matching Kirkland fits?  More like Twerkland right?  Looking like a boss though, in head-to-toe Costco (LOL those lines killed me on S04E03 of Workaholics)