Richard Ryan Barrettizes some alcohol:

Told-That-Teacher-Crayons-Memehahah Budweiser + Detcord = ‘MERICA.  Vaporized Bud, that couldn’t have smelled that great.



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Vigilant Spectre shows how it’s done:

Vigilant-Spectre-Winter-Vehicle-OpsNice, and in an AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt too!

Nothing worse than forgetting your bottle opener when operating in non-twist-off operations.



Mattv2099 with another picnic assassin:

Mattv2099-ENDOhaha I haven’t had a Coors in forever.  I thought he was trollin when he called it “the beer of banquets” but it appears it actually is called that.

LOL the Richard Ryan fake Tech Assassin style stats slay me every time.

Matt is wearing the Run Guns and California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirts from ENDO Apparel.



Richard Ryan doesn’t play around, except when he does:

The always interesting and informative behind the scenes:

Holy, det cord is serious business.  I really hope that was some budget beer, and that it was desert warm.  That would make me feel a bit better about wasting something so delicious.

The slow motion in all of his videos is incredible.. this video is no exception.  Really cool to see the beer rocket out into the air, and the det cord as it’s burning.

Richard is wearing the Oatmeal colored California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt and 1911 Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.



Apparently mixing the two yields great results:


SnapSafe Gun Vaults website – HERE

Hat tip: Steve T.


I don’t like rules and restrictions that hinder the fun and freedom of the people. Drinking in public is one of these rules, that in most states will get you a ticket at the very least.

Basically if you throw out your garbage, and are not louder and more obnoxious than usual I think you should be able to drink wherever you want to.

Whether it be in the backyard, or walking the streets of your town or city… always have a cold one at the ready this summer:

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