Mixing “dangerous” with “awesome” is a definitely a slippery slope:

Extra redneck points for the filthy jean jacket and PBR, real man of genius.

Likely only a BB gun.. but still awesome.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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This is the type of serious business that gets discussed on the internet.

You be the judge:

I’m leaning more towards saying it was intended to be just his brother or good friend.  The lack of other people represented besides the two of them, and the long waists-touching embrace could suggest otherwise though.

Regardless of the homo/hetro-ness of the commercial, its good to see Budweiser supports the troops.

What do your gaydars read? Let me know in the comments.


Seriously guys… talk your buddy out of it if he hasn’t practiced on something less valuable.

I see so many failed dremel tool modifications on guns involving grip stippling, grip modification, backstraps etc… it needs to be stopped.


Guy 1: What did you do this weekend?

Guy 2: Oh not much, just did some shooting down by the waterfall and got drunk

Guy 1: Shooting at the waterfall?

Guy 2: Yea, I just go over to the waterfall to drink beer and shoot randomly into the bush

Guy 1: Hmm cool I guess



Unlike the Hard Liquor Alcohol Gun I posted about earlier… this one would be just plain disgusting to drink from:


Nothing like some shaken up beer foam to have you and your friends farting all night. :D

The idea is nicely executed though.

I’d post the website of the company that makes this, but I get a malware warning in my browser when I try to visit it.




What a showoff, damn that is awesome.


Parrot AR Drone website – HERE

I guess I answered my own question I posed in the title of this article, because it appears that neither one of these are available to the public yet.

As long as it can carry a small payload of possibly a camera, beer, guns, or gun related items… put me down for one! I know some options already exist, but they are super expensive and geared more towards the military and related businesses.