oh no Plinkster baby what is you doin?

PROTECT THE BEES AT ALL COSTS.  That said, the hole boring would get crazy annoying… I had no idea there was such thing as carpenter bees, and that they did that.  $10K on the railing?… that’s a check.



My man Larry Vickers a.k.a. Larry Vuitton knows:


Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyThis blog has always been about raising awareness of the issues that I feel are the most important. LOL That is all.


I really hope the prop gun was a Glock 7:

I-Hate-Bees-Bruce-WillisThe thing about Glock 7’s is they can go through airport x-ray machines, and they cost more than any of you make in a month.

I haven’t seen the first RED movie yet, but I hear it was alright.

Thoughts?  Stupid move considering blank guns have injured and even killed people in the past?