Andrew with GY6Vids:

Belt-Fed-9mm-GY6Vidshaha nice!  Those belts and bags hold 150 rounds each.

The manufacturer of this system is Freedom Ordnance.  You can pre-order the upper on their website for $1895… seems reasonable for that amount of fun, but you’ll need an auto lower though of course if you don’t want to just shoot semi-automatic.

There is an up close view of the manufacturer shooting with it you can check out if you like.

Thoughts?  Did you fall victim to the thirst trap Andrew baited his female viewers with starting at 0:34?

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I have no kids so I don’t know….  She’s pretty young haha:

Shooting-For-Boys-And-Girls-Comic-Book-CoverThe camo is on point.  Should have threw some eye protection and earplugs in the mix though.

Initially I was thinking maybe this video was going to go south quickly… like she’d hold the trigger down and one bi-pod leg would catch on the mat and she’d roll with the recoil and shoot her cameraman dad all in one swoop.



Larry loves this thing like he loves cake:

We see belt fed ARs pop up every now and then, but then quickly disappear for whatever reason.  The one people reference most often as vaporware is the “shrike”… what I found curious was that looking at the product page for the gun shown in the video (the ARES-16), the page itself doesn’t mention the word shrike but in the last picture you can clearly see the upper labeled “SHRIKE 5.56”.  Is that because Shrike owns the patent?

If you ask me, this gun looks like the best of both worlds, as long as it’s reliable in reality as it is in the video.

Larry-Vickers-Hover-Sunglasses6:52 – Another one for my future LAV soundboard “WALKIN’ THA DOG.  WALKIN’ THA DOG”

Thoughts?  Are you like me and want to leave a pile of links somewhere then go grab a beer and some steak & lobster on the reg? #MotherfuckersNeverLovedUs #WorstBehavior

P.S. – Larry has been the shit lately, which is why I use the hover glasses pic now instead of “Pay attention to me, I’m important and famous”.   I feel that other one is now wildly disrespectful in light of recent videos.


This looks pretty cool.  I wonder if it could stand up to auto fire?

  • No modifications to the AR-15 lower necessary
  • Can buy up to 500 round belts
  • bottom ejection through magwell

$695 (I think?) at LakesideGuns.  *Warning* website is frustrating, confusing, and looks like it was built in the early ’90s


Skip to 3:00 to see it in action.

Wow, I wish something like this was around when I got my first pellet gun. I guess being “full auto” makes it more of a grown-up version though, probably not the best for a little kid.  Too many things could end up with dents or holes when you get into spray and pray mode on nuisance animals.

$550 for basically a modified painball gun is too steep though if you ask me. Having full auto (even though its a pellet gun) without jumping through NFA hoops is pretty cool though.

Looks like a real pain in the ass to load up that belt.

You can check it out Air Ordnance’s website – HERE


Hot off the production line from Valkyrie Armament:

DO WANT!  Even on a semi-auto that would be awesome.  It would force me to step my bumpfire game up a notch.

Price for the conversion – $3300

You send them your entire rifle, and they machine the following:

  • Bolt carrier for the drive system
  • Upper and Lower for compatiblity with the belt feed assembly

Included in the price is the belt feed assembly, belt box adapter to hold the 200 round m249 SAW ammo can, one starter strip, one stop strip and 100 links, and one 200 round ammo box.

NOTE: You can not use regular military links with this conversion… you need to use the proprietary ones that are included.

Judging by the video it seems to work flawlessly in full auto. I’m told by the company that that it maintains a 85% parts compatibility with regular AR-15s.

Valkyrie Armament’s website – HERE